Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: October 19, 2012 4:47 pm


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There was a time when people were buying domains that would correspond to their chosen keyword. This technique is known as the exact-match domain strategy. The reason for doing this is to incorporate keywords into the domain of the website since it was believed that having the keywords in the domain name makes it easier for the website to be indexed and ranked in that particular keyword. It was believed that web crawlers or spiders crawls the URL first before crawling the different parts of the web page and it is believed that if the keyword in found first by the search engine crawlers such web page would be ranked first using such keywords.

This strategy has been found to be very effective until the end of September 2012, when Google through Matt Cutts, has announced that they have incorporated an algorithm update where in it would penalise low quality exact match domains.

Who Will Be Affected?

Websites that are usually in the field of affiliate marketing where the use of exact match domains is rampant would be the first ones to be hit by this algorithm update. Affiliate websites are using the exact match domain strategy because of the fact that previously it makes the site easily indexed and ranked in the search engine results page ranking. According to several reports many affiliate sites have been de-ranked and have lost considerable or significant amount of traffic and consequently return of investments.

Generally, people who utilise exact match domains will be affected especially if their SEO strategy involves other processes that are frowned upon by the Google search engine. According to the announcement made by Matt Cutts those that would be affected are low-quality exact match domains so those that utilise black hat strategies coupled with exact match domains will be those that are going to be greatly affected.

Looking Forward

What is clear is that Google is trying to eliminate websites that were designed to manipulate ranking without giving high quality content and links done through proper content development and link building efforts. SEO strategies is not considered by Google as generally bad and should be stricken down one by one, rather Google is only banning SEO strategies that are within the realm of black hat, strategies that would intend to manipulate rankings instead of focusing in giving users the information that they need as well as focusing on giving a good user experience while such users or visitors are on their website.

It is a known fact that Google has been continuously updating their Panda algorithm in order to catch up with the different unacceptable strategies that some black hat SEO companies and SEO consultants are implementing in their SEO campaign. Although not considered as a black hat technique spinning articles and posting to private blog networks was able to capture the attention of Google. Google has now acted and is currently de-indexing and de-ranking private blog networks which were established for search engine optimisation purposes.

What Is a Spun Article?

A spun article is a site text content that was taken from an original article and is rewritten using a software application called a spinner. The Spinner has an algorithm that will change the words in the article utilising its database of synonyms. The application can automatically generate new articles from the original article. One of the drawback for this is that the content may at some extent not be unique. Also the article may also appear gibberish and it does not really convey any particular message and that every sentence structure may not be cohesive.

What is a Private Blog Network?

A private blog network is a network of blogs that is made available to any user who would like to conduct content driven link building efforts, where every user may post an article which can be used to incorporate a link going to the target website. Since the screening process in blog networks are not strict users or members of the blog network will be able to use any articles for them to post.

What is the Relationship Between Spun Content and Private Blog Networks?

As what was stated Private Blog Networks allows the posting of articles into their blog networks for link building purposes, thus this means that if an SEO company would like to build lots of links this way they need to have lots of articles, this is where spun articles come in handy, by spinning an article one can generate tens or hundreds of thin articles that could be posted on the blog network.

Why Is Google De-indexing Sites in Private Blog Networks?

The main reason why Google is de-indexing sites in the blog networks or those sites using private blog networks for SEO purposes is because of the mere fact that the articles do not give valuable information and being spunned  the content does not really offer any value to the person searching for information. Google requires quality content thus spunned articles and private blog networks are now being targeted in order to be penalised.


In this newest update from Google, one thing is made clear for every SEO Company and SEO consultant and that is to create valuable, high quality content. Offer value for your content, make it informative and most of all never resort to copying such contents. Otherwise you might find your website de-ranked and de-indexed by Google, something that you do not want to happen as your site’s life blood may largely depend on your high ranking in Google’s Search engine results page ranking.