Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: January 14, 2011 8:35 am


The Google page rank is one of the most sought after web ranking for every SEO company because of the fact that having a page rank would mean that the website is considered to be popular over the web since page ranking is a good indicator of a websites’ popularity. Everytime Google announces updates on their Google Page ranking many SEO experts are scrambling to increase their SEO efforts like gaining quality backlinks in order make it in time for the new Google page rank update. However this page ranking that was patented by Google may be in risk of being phased out that is if Google will not renew the patent of the Google pagerank algorithm. It can be recalled that the patent license that was granted to Google will expire in 2011 and complete expiration of the patent will be implemented in 2017. This would mean therefore that Google will lose its patent on the PageRanking System and that such technology will be open for other search engine companies to utilise it. In case this would happen even Google competitors will be able to integrate within their system such Page Rank Algorithm which would then mean that every SEO consultant will be able to see how their website ranks in a particular standard like the standards of Microsoft, Yahoo and other search engines.

This near transformation to non-exclusive nature of the Google Page Rank system may be the cause or the reason why Google is focusing its efforts heavily on the development of new site features. Among these are Google Caffeine and the instant search results page. According to Google however the company holds a perpetual license to the Page Rank algorithm and that there was an extension done on the exclusivity of the page rank system up to 2011 and at that point such ranking system will become non-exclusive until it expires in 2017.