According to many SEO Companies when you conduct search engine optimisation campaigns you should forget SEO. Before you react of course allow us to quantify the statement. During the start of online marketing search engine optimisation was one of the most sought after strategy in order to gain traffic for their website. However, as time goes by many people have started to feel lazy in conducting SEO campaigns that they have relied on software and automation tools in order to conduct their content development and link building processes. Thus, black hat SEO strategies were born. Black Hat SEO is a combination of different SEO strategies where it’s purpose is to manipulate the search engines into thinking that such websites are better optimised only to find out after a closer look that the links and contents that were developed were actually of low quality and does not give great user experience.

One search engine, Google seeks to change that and in pursuit of their goal to make sure that their search engine results page return only the most relevant and accurate search results they have updated their search engine algorithm at a regular basis until they have developed the Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms which were developed in order to combat low quality content and links respectively.

This makes the SEO strategy that people came to know to now be obsolete. If during the early days of SEO people seeks to create lots of contents and try to create lots of links, according to present day SEO this is not always the case. According to them in order to make an efficient SEO campaign one must forget SEO this does not mean that you have to forget the tenets of search engine optimisation, rather, it means that you have to change your mindset or perspective about search engine optimisation.

If during the early day you consider SEO as a process of gathering contents and links and focusing mostly on the quantity of links you must now look at SEO as a process of gathering quality links, regardless of the quantity as long as your links or contents are of the highest quality then your site is considered to be properly optimised.

Forgetting SEO means forgetting the old ways of implementing search engine optimisation, SEO is not dead it just evolved to a more challenging form but this time this form allows little or no room for any black hat search engine optimisation techniques.

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Posted on: September 27, 2012 3:47 pm


It would seem that Google have been updating their search engine algorithm on a monthly basis, staying true to their commitment to improve on their search engine algorithm. Of course every SEO Company knows that search engines are updating their search engine algorithm on a regular basis and most often than not the algorithm updates could have an effect on a websites’ Ranking. When Google released their Panda and Penguin updates a lot of websites were affected so much that it did not only hit their rankings but also it greatly affected their return of investment. Because of transparency search engines always inform the public regarding their algorithm updates through blogs or even through tweets. Once algorithm updates are released and rankings have already been hit many SEO Consultants are actually on a panic mode that they lose focus, worrying instead of looking for solution.

Instead of fretting over something that you cannot change you have to start creating strategies that will help you control the damage done to your ranking by the change or update of the search engine algorithm or to at least give you a good start in recovering from the damage done. You can use the following tips in order for you to recover from the algorithm update just in case your site has gone down in terms of the search engine ranking.

1. Check Your Webmaster Tools – both Google and Bing has its own webmaster tools, this is where you can check the status of your website with regards to the search engine. Webmaster tools usually sends notifications to its users whenever there are warnings or alerts concerning the website, violations or causes of suspensions are also seen through the webmaster tools, so if you haven’t connected your site to Google or Bing Webmaster Tools it is time for you to do it.

2. Read and Understand the Algorithm Update – as what was said above the search engine algorithm updates are always published by the search engines for the public or those interested persons to know. Explanations are given in Google and Bing’s blogs and from such explanation try to understand the goal of each update this way you can have an idea on what might have caused your site to be de-ranked and what maybe the best practices that you can do in order to recover from such damage done by the algorithm update.

3. Review Your Analytics – the analytics is one of the most powerful search engine optimisation tool, this is because it allows you to track the number of visitor in your website as well as the demographics of your visitors. This way you will be able to understand your audience, and in relation to an algorithm update you will be able to easily see if your traffic has gone up or down significantly. Further, you will be able to see which keywords are affected, this way you will be able to create an SEO plan that will help you recover from and algorithm update.

These simple steps that you should be doing will definitely help you recover and not fret about any algorithm changes or updates.

Before you start listing down hardware supplies that would actually make your computers “animal-proof” no these tips is not designed to literally make your website impenetrable from any animal’s physical attacks. This actually pertains to giving you some insights on how you can make your website impenetrable against Google’s Panda, penguin and other algorithm change animals that my come out in the future. Google have been naming their algorithm updates based on animal species or common names and every algorithm update is said to be affecting a lot of websites in terms of their rankings in the search engine results page.

The Latest Updates

Before any SEO company and SEO consultant could provide protection on their sites against any algorithm update the SEO company or SEO Consultant must arm themselves with ample knowledge on what the algorithm update is all about.

1. Panda – the Google panda was developed in order to filter out the search engine results page by displaying websites with the highest quality of content. Thinly written contents as well as contents that are spinned, copied or duplicates are frowned upon by the algorithm and will actually penalise websites that will utilise such poorly written contents.

2. Penguin – the penguin on the other hand was developed in order to combat web spam. Some unscrupulous SEO companies or SEO consultants are utilising automated link building processes disregarding the quality of the link created and focusing on the link quantity. Creating massive links but are of poor quality is what the Penguin algorithm is penalising.

3. Pirate Penalty – well this is not actually an animal’s common name, but this is actually the up and coming algorithm change by Google in order to filter out contents that were proven to be infringing copyrights of others. This new algorithm will focus on penalising websites using contents such as videos, audios among others which were just copied from an original source without prior permission obtained. The basis of the penalty will be on the number of DMCA notices along with other parameters which Google refuses to divulge.

Protecting Your Website

From the three algorithm updates Google’s direction is clear, that is to provide quality content within the website that wishes to be ranked in their search engine results page and that the user should be of paramount consideration when developing content, links or the website in general.

For the Panda update developing high quality and informative content will assure you of a proper position within the search engine results page if not at least you will be sure that you site will not be penalised by Google. To combat the penguin algorithm you need to implement quality link building campaigns, that is you only build links from sites that are trusted and are in itself having a high page rank.

For the pirate penalty update, it only requires you to create your own content, never copy anyone else’s creative output. Should you copy such creative output be sure that you got the permission from the owner before you actually utilise such content in your website.


Whatever type of algorithm update may come from Google you can protect your site from being penalised by developing your website and its content for your visitors and not for you or for the search engine bots. Create original, quality and informative content that your visitors would love to share through social media networks.

It has been observed that whenever Google release a search engine algorithm update or change many SEO companies and SEO consultants have been reacting like the sky is falling. No, they do not react just because of a mere announcement but rather the reaction is because of the fact that their sites have been hit and might have been penalised and de-ranked by Google in its search engine results page ranking. If this happens what comes next is the decrease in traffic and worst the diminution of their revenue. Of course if your revenue goes from hundreds of pounds a day to zero then you would definitely shout that “the sky is falling”.

Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Google Penguin is Google’s names to their latest algorithm update. Panda, as discussed in our previous blog article, is concerned with the quality of a content while Penguin is concerned with checking the quality of the backlinks that were created for link building purposes. One must understand that these two algorithms focused on checking or auditing the two cornerstones of SEO these are link building and content development.

SEO Techniques to Avoid Getting Hit

The principle of both Google Panda and Penguin is very easy this is to maintain quality in your SEO efforts especially in link building and content development. For Google Panda quality of the content is being put under its “microscope”. When we say quality your content must be well written in your chosen language or medium and that your content must be understandable and informative. For Penguin your backlinks must come from highly trusted sites and not just built for the sake of quantity.

Additional Techniques

Here are some additional techniques which you can do:

1. Analyze your Analytics – if you have connected your website to Google analytics then you will get fresh and helpful data regarding your website. Check whether your site visitors have a high bounce rate, if so this means that your website has a poor user experience. User experience is one of the factors that Google algorithm is looking at to make sure that every website provides quality information to the users and not focused only on developing a website for purposes of advertising without offering quality information for the users.

2. Start Blogging – included in the Panda algorithm is the Google Freshness algorithm where it makes the Google search engine “favor” websites with updated contents against static websites where content is not being updated daily. The only recourse possible in order to make sure that your website is being fed with fresh content is through blogging, incorporate a blog page to your website in order to integrate product updates and blog posts about your company or your locality.

3. Start Being Social – it has been observed that social signals are also being considered as a ranking signals, this means that the more social your site gets, that is more likes and more +1’s will also increase your search engine rankings. So start posting relevant and interesting posts on your social media platform of choice and engage your users the more they talk about your product and the more share you get the better your social signal is.


So Google has released another algorithm update and they have named it the Google Penguin. The SEO forums have burned in discussions because of this Google algorithm update and as usual many would again imply that the “sky is falling” rankings are lost and of course with it are their return of investments. Some have gone from page one of Google’s search engine results page to page one hundred or worst they may have lost their rankings and indexing from Google entirely. It is because of these lost rankings that many have been saying that “the sky is falling”. The question is should you believe them?

What is the Google Penguin

Many SEO companies and SEO consultants have had their sites hit by the Google penguin algorithm because of the fact that they have been using unscrupulous methods in order to increase the ranking of their website. The Google Penguin was developed in order to target web spam or those strategies which would result to manipulating the search engines. Strategies like link farming, duplicate content among other similar strategies are considered to be strategies that would tend to manipulate the search engine rankings.

Why Should You Not Be Bothered By The Penguin?

You should not be bothered by the penguin if you utilise white hat strategies. White hat SEO strategies directed into link building and content development will ensure that your rankings will increase and it will be able to create a reliable source of information worthy of being ranked in the first page of the Google search engine results page rankings. The following are some strategies which you can do in order not to be bothered by the penguin.

1. Write Informative and Unique Content – your website needs to have fresh content every time this is why you have to incorporate such content, however it should not only be just any content but rather it should be unique, informative and relevant to your websites’ content.

2. Build Quality Links – when building links you have to create such links organically or in such a way that you will not be manipulating the search engines. Building links naturally would mean to do them manually without the aide of any automation software application.


So you should not really be bothered by the Penguin if you have been doing white hat SEO strategies. Make sure that what you incorporate in your website whether be it a content or a link should be of high quality and not intended to manipulate any of the search engine algorithms.

Ever since Google was subject of protests due to the publics’ clamor for transparency in their algorithm updates the search engine giant started informing the public through their search quality highlights. For the month of March of 2012 Google was able to incorporate fifty (50) search engine algorithm updates. According to Google these regular or constant update in their search engine algorithm are necessary in order to attain the best search engine results page for the users of their search engine, trying to deliver a more accurate and relevant to their users.

Highlights in the Search Quality Highlights

The fifty algorithm updates or changes for the month of March may be too much for us to discuss in this post, what we need to understand is the fact that some of the changes are just minor tweaks to their existing algorithm feature some however, are significant changes in the search engine algorithm. The following are the highlights of the search quality highlights and those that will be discussed are what we believe to be having a large impact in the world of search engine optimisation, an information that may be very valuable for SEO Companies and SEO consultants.

1. Improvement in Determining Site Quality – according to Google among the changes in their search engine algorithm is the improvement in the process of detecting the quality of a website. The search engine giant revealed that their long time process for detecting site quality is now improved, although Google did not elaborate on what specific changes were incorporated in their algorithm that determines site quality.

2. Improvement to Google Freshness algorithm – last year Google launched the Google Freshness algorithm which focuses on detecting fresh content in a website and using such as a ranking factor. The initial focus of Google freshness was on news related topics however last March Google already rolled out the freshness algorithm for all types of queries.

3. Updated Panda Algorithm Data – this updated data for the Google Panda algorithm is focused on determining high quality and low quality websites, this was the algorithm update that affected all private blog networks and it is because of this several private blog networks offering their services have been de-indexed causing them to close down their website and discontinue offering their services.

The Search Quality Highlights Conclusion

The transparency of Google in the release of their algorithm changes through the search quality highlights would indeed give SEO companies and SEO consultants an insight on what should their SEO campaign direction should be. Such insights would indeed show how Google is trying to improve their search quality.

The hype regarding significant changes in Google’s algorithm and policy changes have created speculations that search engine optimisation is dying or will become irrelevant in the coming months or years. However, this may not be true, with the change in Google’s algorithm, SEO should also change or transform in order to continue the flow of traffic to their targeted websites. Websites must not be defeated by the different algorithm changes, but we must also not to discount the fact that Google is capable of bringing down internet empires with a single change in its algorithm. This was proven when several highly established websites were toppled from their rankings due to the Panda Algorithm. On the recent Panda update, the well-known BMR or build my rank website has announced that they will be closing down because of the fact that Google has de-indexed their sites within the private blog networks. If you do not want to lose your revenue online it would be very important for you to start working on implementing purely white hat methods in your SEO campaign, begin writing high quality articles or blog posts in your website, and build links naturally to high quality websites.

What Can We Do To Save Our Business?

You have to remember that traffic going into your website solely do not depend on Google, there are other traffic sources that you can tap into in order to sustain your revenue or to even increase your traffic and revenue.

What are Other Traffic Sources?

1. Article Submission – there are several article directories that ranks well in search engines and have a good base of traffic which you can tap by submitting article to these article directories if you write a compelling article, visitors of your article will have a potential of visiting your website.

2. Online Marketing Via Email – email is still an effective avenue on marketing your business, however, with the increase on spam mails you have to make sure that your email is compelling and would offer value for your readers otherwise your email may just end up being deleted.

3. Social Media – through the years social media has become very popular, this is because this is where interaction between users happen. If you provide a business page for your website in a social media platform expect constant interactions and traffic between you and your potential clients.


Should your site be hit by the recent Google algorithm updates, this is not the end of your online business, while you are rebuilding your rankings in Google you can create new traffic avenues that will help you increase your site’s traffic if not sustain what might have been lost due to such algorithm change.



Today Google has announced their newest algorithm update. It is a known fact that search engine algorithms like that of Google’s is very dynamic that it is regularly updated. Regular updates could be from simple to complex in the case of Google a complex update may be like the time when Google introduced the panda algorithm where there were drastic changes on how it ranks websites in its search engine results page which affected a lot of websites.

Why is there a need for algorithm update?

Search engines are on the continuous quest to developing a search engine that can return relevant and accurate results and one that would indeed increase user experience. The search engine giant is one of such company that is focused on developing accurate search engine results. This is why there algorithm must be continuously updated whenever a better set of instructions were to be developed. Another reason for a search engine algorithm update is because of the fact that some SEO companies or SEO consultants may have found some work around in the existing algorithm that may cause the manipulation of the search engine results, when the search engine catches up with the manipulation being done then it is time to update the algorithm.

What is the latest Google Algorithm Update?

Google Announcing Algorithm Update

Dubbed as the Panda refresh 3.4 by some SEO service providers, the announcement came March 24, 2012 and it was announced in the most unusual of platforms. The announcement on Google’s algorithm update was done via Twitter, with only 140 characters or less Google was able to announce their most recent update on their search engine algorithm. According to “A Googler”, the twitter handle name of Google or its agents, the new algorithm currently affected around 1.6% of the total number of websites via the internet. With only 140 characters, Google was not able to expound on the scope of the algorithm change or update. Thus, what remains to be seen still would be the particular changes done in Google’s algorithm.

What Now?

SEO companies and SEO consultants should know by now that there are a lot of things currently happening at Google, with their recent announcement on a major algorithm change regarding semantic search SEO service providers indeed should start creating SEO campaigns that would keep their rankings if not increase their rankings in Google’s search engine results page, or to take steps in developing other online marketing campaigns apart from SEO which could increase traffic flow to their target websites such as social media management among others.

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Posted on: March 19, 2012 1:12 pm


It was recently that Google has announced a big change in their algorithm, and according to the experiences of SEO companies whenever Google incorporates a huge algorithm change website rankings are always affected. This could be seen from the effect to the search engine rankings of some websites when the Panda algorithm by Google was introduced. Both large and small scale online companies were affected by the Google panda algorithm change, no website was spared even those who have incorporated a huge amount of budget in their SEO campaign, if the site violated the panda algorithm the site will  surely be reduced in rank. This time, Google again have announced a change in their algorithm from keyword focused to semantic search an algorithm where every SEO company and SEO consultant should prepare for.

What is Semantic Search?

As what was stated in our previous posts Semantic Search is based on the ability of the search engine to discern the context of words or the meaning of the word and how it was used in the search term to deliver an accurate search result. This means that Google’s search engine can already return results based on the context or meaning of the word, this means the word tiger could now be differentiated between the brand and the animal.

How to Prepare for the Coming Change?

This time Google has given SEO companies and SEO consultants an idea on what the next algorithm will be thus there are some measures that could be integrated in order to prevent websites from being affected by the said algorithm change some of them are the following:

1. Make your content informative – Google wants to make search to be a lot more relevant and that the sharing of information should be according to what a searcher is looking for, therefore apart from trying to sell something to your clients it would be better if you include valuable information about your product and your website. Content should be therefore focused not only for the sake of selling something but above all the content should be focused in informing the person searching for information.

2. Focus on the Meaning of the Word – this may be the time for you to minimise on focusing on keywords instead you should focus on the meaning of your keywords. This means that synonymous keywords must be used according to the proper context of the word.

3. Help Visitors through your FAQ page – providing information for the users as their guide in navigating your website is another means for you to be able to prepare for the algorithm change. Providing an FAQ page is similar to an authority answering questions about specific topics and according to Google authoritative answers are given importance.

SEO companies should always be prepared for changes, and since SEO’s life is the ranking of the website then every effort must be done like SEO audits, in order to prevent any drastic drop to the websites’ ranking due to a change in algorithm.

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Posted on: March 8, 2012 12:42 pm


Aside from Google one of the major players in the field of search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. Microsoft started to compete with Google when they launched their supposed new search engine named Bing. To add to their competitiveness Microsoft entered into a deal with Yahoo, the second largest search engine in terms of usage, and this gave Microsoft Bing an increase in terms of search engine users. For SEO companies and SEO consultants this increase in the number of users in Bing is a point of interest because of the fact that it means that Bing has captured a considerable percentage of the internet market and thus making it the secondary target search engine in terms of search engine optimisation. Of course we all know that search engine algorithm is unique to every company and while Google started to give updates on any algorithm changes through their list known as the “search quality highlights”, Bing has not done the same until today.

Bing has launched the counterpart of Google’s search quality highlights dubbed as the search quality insights, this is Bing’s way of informing their users and SEO consultants and SEO companies in particular regarding their algorithm changes and how it affects the ranking of websites in their search engine results page. Although it would seem like Bing has just copied Google’s way of information dissemination regarding their algorithm updates, Microsoft have enumerated several differences. For one, Google’s search quality highlights are written in a list format briefly explaining the different algorithm changes while for Bing the algorithm changes would be disseminated via their official blog post, this means that there might be an extensive explanation of every algorithm change.

Another difference from Google’s search quality highlights to that of Bings search quality insights is that the former’s purpose is to inform SEO companies and SEO consultants as well as the users as part of their goal of transparency, for Bing however their search quality insights is seen as promotional in nature apart from giving information to their users, promotional in the sense that the blog will be used to inform readers on why their search engine is better thus enticing readers to use Bing instead of other search engines, what we could also look forward to this blog is if there would be advises regarding Bing PPC.

Whatever the purposes or their reasons maybe one thing is for sure, Google and Bing’s algorithm changes are done with the same goal and that is to improve user experience as well as make their search results accurate.