For so long now Google have been controlling how their algorithm would function. They even have caught a lot of SEO Companies and SEO consultants by releasing new updates in their algorithm by surprise and without any ample warning. However, this new algorithm change from Google will be something different, as for the first time such change is not influenced by the search engine giant itself but rather motivated by Hollywood. Yes, the algorithm change is motivated by Hollywood who won the case against Google ordering the search engine giant to factor in penalising copyright infringement in their algorithm.

The Case on Algorithm Change

Google have been constantly barraged by Hollywood lobbyist to filter their search results by not giving high search engine results page rankings to websites that fosters copyright infringement. It was the contention of the lobbyists that Google has in its power to create a filtered search result however they actually are not doing enough to weed out those that are clearly infringing copyrights. This of course will change as Google in their recent announcement that they will start to redeveloping their algorithm to factor in penalising copyright infringement in their search engine results page.

How Will Google Implement?

According to Google’s top engineers the updates on their algorithm will implemented as soon as possible, thus anytime this coming week we might already see some search engine results page changes. However, the actual question which may be lingering through your mind is “how exactly will Google Identify websites which violates copyright laws?” This is by identifying websites that have been given several copyright takedown notifications. Therefore those websites that have received a lot of valid notification for violating copyright laws is going to be ranked lower in the search engine results page ranking.

More Questions Than Answers

For Hollywood this is a good move by Google since it will now help owners of copyrights to protect their intellectual output. Further, content with legitimate quality source will now be found easily. Still some questions remains to be answered, for example, how will Google determine which type of copyright infringement notification is valid and which one is not? Unless Google implements an accurate system to determine the validity of a copyright infringement notification this new algorithm update will just be another avenue for Negative SEO, where legitimate websites may fall prey from this type of “underhanded” search engine optimisation technique.

Conclusion on Google’s Algorithm Change

Google’s algorithm change is indeed a good change especially to protect the interests of those who creatively develop systems, films and other artistic works. It is also a good step towards delivering quality results to searchers. Problems do arise from this endeavour and if they are not addressed it could spell disaster for the search engine company. In relation to article writing, this algorithm change might help in boosting the claim of the Panda algorithm which focuses more on the quality of the article rather than the quantity of the article, thus increasing the probability that copied articles and spinned is going to be a de-ranking factor for every website containing such.


Google announced through their blog that they will be rolling out a new algorithm update which will impact three percent of the total website population. This latest in the Google algorithm update is focused on targeting those websites that are benefitting from webspam, which means that search engine optimisation campaigns should also adapt to this change.

What are Considered as Web Spam?

According to Google web spam practices are those that are implemented in order to manipulate the search engine rankings. It does not really promote useful content for the users instead the contents are generated for the search engine crawlers. With Google’s advocacy or goal of giving search engine users the most relevant results based on the keywords entered, there is definitely no place for those who spam the search engine results page.

Is This the First Time for Google to Combat Web Spam?

The answer of course is no, Google have always wanted to deliver quality search engine results to search engine users thus Google have already started updating their algorithm to return quality results to the users ever since its inception. What Google has incorporated in their algorithm update is a more comprehensive way of tracking web spam, it is an augmentation or improvement to their current anti-web spam algorithm.

Google has identified the main types of web spam that this algorithm will be targeting and these are:

1. Duplicate Content – as an improvement to their Panda Algorithm, duplicate contents especially those that were spinned will now be easily detected by Google. Poorly written contents will now be dislodged from rankings.

2. Unusual link Patterns – according to Google the unusual link patterns refers to the use of keywords as links in a totally unrelated content. An example is the use of the word “financial” as a link within a content that talks about health, where the keyword is totally unrelated and used out of context within the sentence, paragraph or the entire content for that matter.

3. Link Schemes – this is not the first time that Google will be punishing link schemes their previous update was intended to do just that, however, as web spammers becomes creative in link scheming Google sees the need to update their algorithm once more.

4. Keyword Stuffing – again this will not be the first time that Google will be tracking down websites using keyword stuffing, this is an improvement to such algorithm where it will be able to detect websites that surreptitiously incorporated keywords even out of context.

The Importance of Content Writing and Content Writers

We believe that the main reason why some SEO companies and SEO consultants are resorting to spinning content as well as to duplicating content is because of the sheer fact that content development takes time, effort, education and the ability to write using the correct grammar and spelling. With the coming Google algorithm update the role of content writers, blog writers and article writers have become even more important. Delivering quality and relevant content is what Google would like to see in websites and not thinly written contents that are just copied and spinned.


Algorithm updates from Google is not new to every SEO Company and SEO consultant, steps should be taken into improve their target websites in order to ensure the survival of the website in its ranking in the search engine results page. What is being emphasised therefore is that your website should be a considered as a high quality site by having high quality content and high quality links.


The hype regarding significant changes in Google’s algorithm and policy changes have created speculations that search engine optimisation is dying or will become irrelevant in the coming months or years. However, this may not be true, with the change in Google’s algorithm, SEO should also change or transform in order to continue the flow of traffic to their targeted websites. Websites must not be defeated by the different algorithm changes, but we must also not to discount the fact that Google is capable of bringing down internet empires with a single change in its algorithm. This was proven when several highly established websites were toppled from their rankings due to the Panda Algorithm. On the recent Panda update, the well-known BMR or build my rank website has announced that they will be closing down because of the fact that Google has de-indexed their sites within the private blog networks. If you do not want to lose your revenue online it would be very important for you to start working on implementing purely white hat methods in your SEO campaign, begin writing high quality articles or blog posts in your website, and build links naturally to high quality websites.

What Can We Do To Save Our Business?

You have to remember that traffic going into your website solely do not depend on Google, there are other traffic sources that you can tap into in order to sustain your revenue or to even increase your traffic and revenue.

What are Other Traffic Sources?

1. Article Submission – there are several article directories that ranks well in search engines and have a good base of traffic which you can tap by submitting article to these article directories if you write a compelling article, visitors of your article will have a potential of visiting your website.

2. Online Marketing Via Email – email is still an effective avenue on marketing your business, however, with the increase on spam mails you have to make sure that your email is compelling and would offer value for your readers otherwise your email may just end up being deleted.

3. Social Media – through the years social media has become very popular, this is because this is where interaction between users happen. If you provide a business page for your website in a social media platform expect constant interactions and traffic between you and your potential clients.


Should your site be hit by the recent Google algorithm updates, this is not the end of your online business, while you are rebuilding your rankings in Google you can create new traffic avenues that will help you increase your site’s traffic if not sustain what might have been lost due to such algorithm change.



Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: March 19, 2012 1:12 pm


It was recently that Google has announced a big change in their algorithm, and according to the experiences of SEO companies whenever Google incorporates a huge algorithm change website rankings are always affected. This could be seen from the effect to the search engine rankings of some websites when the Panda algorithm by Google was introduced. Both large and small scale online companies were affected by the Google panda algorithm change, no website was spared even those who have incorporated a huge amount of budget in their SEO campaign, if the site violated the panda algorithm the site will  surely be reduced in rank. This time, Google again have announced a change in their algorithm from keyword focused to semantic search an algorithm where every SEO company and SEO consultant should prepare for.

What is Semantic Search?

As what was stated in our previous posts Semantic Search is based on the ability of the search engine to discern the context of words or the meaning of the word and how it was used in the search term to deliver an accurate search result. This means that Google’s search engine can already return results based on the context or meaning of the word, this means the word tiger could now be differentiated between the brand and the animal.

How to Prepare for the Coming Change?

This time Google has given SEO companies and SEO consultants an idea on what the next algorithm will be thus there are some measures that could be integrated in order to prevent websites from being affected by the said algorithm change some of them are the following:

1. Make your content informative – Google wants to make search to be a lot more relevant and that the sharing of information should be according to what a searcher is looking for, therefore apart from trying to sell something to your clients it would be better if you include valuable information about your product and your website. Content should be therefore focused not only for the sake of selling something but above all the content should be focused in informing the person searching for information.

2. Focus on the Meaning of the Word – this may be the time for you to minimise on focusing on keywords instead you should focus on the meaning of your keywords. This means that synonymous keywords must be used according to the proper context of the word.

3. Help Visitors through your FAQ page – providing information for the users as their guide in navigating your website is another means for you to be able to prepare for the algorithm change. Providing an FAQ page is similar to an authority answering questions about specific topics and according to Google authoritative answers are given importance.

SEO companies should always be prepared for changes, and since SEO’s life is the ranking of the website then every effort must be done like SEO audits, in order to prevent any drastic drop to the websites’ ranking due to a change in algorithm.

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Posted on: April 21, 2009 3:06 pm


It is a known fact that search engine companies are using search engine algorithms to index or rank a particular website in their search results. This algorithm is a closely guarded secret and known only to employees of such search engine companies, but information on search engine algorithm is like a gold mine for SEO companies, SEO consultants or SEO practitioners because of the fact that this is one of the main factors that affects ones’ SEO campaign. This is the reason also why search engine companies like Google is constantly changing or updating their search engine algorithm.

Recently, some black hat techniques have been employed by several people which resulted to the manipulation of the website rankings and the target Search engine was Google. Black hat techniques are SEO methods that are being employed to manipulate the search result ranking or even page ranking. The black hat SEO techniques has targeted mostly websites from automobile companies and in one instance there were more than 1 million malicious links targeting Ford Motor Company this according to Pandalabs.

In response to these attacks, in an informal announcement Google will be changing some features in their search engine algorithm in order to minimise if not totally eradicate this kind of spam attack. Google took action because of the fact that if search results and page rankings are freely manipulated then the trust and confidence afforded by the internet users community will be lost and Google’s glory days might come to its end.