Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: December 16, 2010 12:10 pm


As a follow up to my tutorial post about “5 Easy Steps to Get Products Listed on Google Product Search” it will be usefull tune-up your Google Shopping listings and monitor  Google Shopping Traffic on Google Analytics.

You just have modify your Google Shopping feed generator script and add campaign tracking code at the end of product link. There is an example below how the campaign tracking codes should look like:

Google Analytics has a tool called “URL Builder” which will be very usefull for manual campaign tracking code generation.

Next week I will post about advanced Google Shopping options like distributing Google Shopping products via Google Adwords ads.

Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: December 9, 2010 12:22 pm


One of the best solution for eCommerce website to get more exposure on Google is to get listed on Google Product listings.

There are  5 simple steps how to get products listed on Google Products:

1.  Get Google Merchant Account. Sign in to Google Merchant using with your Google Account.

2.  Get your Website Verified. Go to “Settings” page. Fill all the data that is required and get you website verified.

3.  Create a Data Feed. When the website is verified, you have to create data feeds.  Google Merchant Center currently support data feeds in the following formats: Text (Spreadsheet) or Tab Delimited or XML file. More Information  on Supported File Format can be found here. You have to follow and use feed specification which is provided by Google, the latest feed Specification version is here .

4. Upload your data feed. After the Data Feed is created all you have to do is upload your Data. There are two different ways how to upload your feed:

a. Manual upload (manually upload file to the server)

b. Scheduled upload (upload data feed to the google ftp server or your own server )

Tip: Keep the Data Feed fresh and choose scheduled upload option.

5. Wait couple of hours while Google will index all the products you uploaded

Check Google Merchant Center help center for the latest information.

There are more issues with data feed formatting, which will be discussed and explained on my posts.