Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: April 15, 2012 1:23 am


It is very obvious that the popularity of many social media sites is increasing. More and more SEO consultants or SEO companies are recognising the importance of these social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But how exactly Facebook management help you with your SEO Campaign?

The main reason why many SEO consultants and SEO companies are working on implementing a good Facebook management is the fact that Facebook is known to carry lots and lots of traffic to any website. It is even considered now as a big part of SEO. The success of Facebook to reach a lot of audience is undeniable. It does make a real sense why renowned SEO Consultants and SEO Companies have already integrated Facebook management in their search engine optimisation campaigns.

A good Facebook management strategy will obviously bring the rankings and SERP as well as traffic to where your goal is. The fact that Facebook is even considered best in the field of online marketing, SEO companies and SEO consultants have actually devised ways and means in order to turn Facebook users to leads. Any SEO company should never make Facebook management less important if they wanted to become successful online.

The question of why Facebook is very effective for SEO marketing can be answered by many of the benefits it offers. The platform that is being used in Facebook allows great interactions between people. Thus, marketing is never a problem when it comes to this social networking site.

All SEO consultants and SEO companies should do is to be creative in engaging Facebook users to click the link to their target website or to be converted in to potential clients or customers, making Facebook is one of the best ways to bring more traffic to a site. Having a good SEO campaign, plus a good Facebook management strategy will definitely bring you where you want. Getting more traffic means a higher rank, in which in return will guarantee good end result and of course high return of investment.



It is no doubt that in the world of online marketing and social media, Facebook, has proven to be the top social media platform of choice for purposes of creating social connections or business connections. Through Facebook page system business owners can create Facebook Pages that may allow owners to create their community based on their chosen niche. When your Facebook page is on its infancy stage there might not be much activity in your page, however if you promote your page properly “likes” would come in and you will soon discover that your community is already growing. If you reach the point where your posts would already become viral, you would then experience a lot of activity in your web page and because it is in the nature of every social media platform to create interaction between and among the site members then you might later on receive a lot of queries that needs to be answered, not to mention posting regular updates and photos in your Facebook page. Doing all these things could really prove to be tedious however doing it right will make it all worthwhile because it will allow you to build your reputation to the community that you have built and of course it would attract more visitors to your Facebook page. To do it properly you might find the following to be useful guidelines:

1. Quick response – the purpose of social media is to facilitate communication and since your Facebook page is part of the social media platform your clients or fans would expect quick responses about their queries, do not let the day pass without answering their queries. If you think you cannot be online for a considerable amount of time, posting a notice on your fan page wall would suffice to warn your clients who would be asking their queries, to not expect any quick responses due to the reasons that you have stated.

2. Moderate Interaction – there may be some members of your fan page that may abuse their privileges as members of your community. Some might spam other members or some may enter into altercations with other members of your page. If this happens it is within your right as an administrator to moderate the information flowing in your group wall, you can delete posts and remove members who are found to be abusing their privileges.

3. Be an Authority – when posting answers to queries of your fan in your fan page it would be best if you answer the questions with the right resource, you need to be an authority of your fan page, it is your role as an administrator to give only correct and accurate information.

In Facebook management, you have to remember that your fans are what would keep your page alive so interaction should keep on flowing, however do not forget your role as the page administrator by performing proper Facebook management strategies you will not only keep your members in your page but also convince more members to join your Facebook fan page.