The social media giant CEO recently posted on Facebook that “the talented team at Instagram will be joining Facebook”. This after a deal from Instagram and Facebook has been reached to the tune of around one billion dollars ($1Billion) worth in cash and stocks. According to SEO companies and SEO consultants and social media managers that this move by Facebook is to maintain its dominance over the social media especially in the line of photo sharing among social media users, it is known that more than two hundred fifty million photographs are being uploaded by users via Facebook.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a two year old company that is focused on providing photo-sharing services for its users. It is a diverse Photo sharing application that allows users to share Photos via different social media networks, although instagram is popularly used by many as a way of sharing photos via Facebook. Instagram was initially a mobile application for the iOS or Apple products but has later on provided availability of its Android version.

Instagram’s worth

Instagram obviously is a worthwhile investment for Facebook having spent one billion dollars to a start-up company that was just established two years ago. The Photo sharing capability of Instagram is what Facebook seeks to enhance and incorporate in their social media features.

The Agreement

Instagram and Facebook agreed that the photo sharing application will be  independently developed, this means that Instagram will not be exclusively used for Facebook photosharing rather it will still have the capability to share photos through other social media networks. In addition the list of Instagram followers will not be incorporated with Facebook’s group thus maintaining control over their own list.


With the incorporation of Instagram with Facebook, the social media giant hopes that their capability to provide users with better photo sharing experience will be realised, this is an investment that Facebook made for the first time in terms of acquiring a company that has a lot of user or follower base.