Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: November 25, 2011 10:31 am


link buildingEveryone wants as many links as possible pointing to their site, for obvious reasons this is going to have a positive effect on SEO. However if your site has a tonne of outbound links, Google is likely to see your site as low quality and just another site that sells links to others.

Maybe you are not selling links, but on the other hand you may have far too many outbound links which will have a negative effect. So what is the best practice in this case? Well as we all know, SEO has no set guidelines.  Any information found is basically advice which is based around research from well performing sites or case studies from experiments with different factors such as exact domains and so on.

Three huge keywords are: Insurance, Loans and Mortgage. There are obviously way more competitive terms which are a little more adult, but let’s keep the research tidy in this instance.

Confused ranks number one for the term insurance (congratulations), upon looking at their links, I found that they have 91 do-follow internal links and only 2 do-follow external links. The external links are to their social media profiles, Twitter and Facebook.

Money Supermarket’s loans page ranks number one for the keyword loans. On the loans page, they have 150 internal do-follow links and 12 external do-follow links. The links appear to be to sites and companies that they compare prices and quotes from.

Money Supermarket also rank number one for mortgage with their mortgage page. On this page, there are 161 internal do-follow links and 25 external do-follow links, similarly to their loans page, their external links are to companies in which they compare prices. has a ratio of 45.5 internal links to 1 external link. Money Supermarket and their loans page has a ratio of 12.5 internal do-follow links to 1 external do-follow links and finally Money Supermarket’s mortgage page has 6.44 external do-follow links to 1 internal do-follow link.


It is safe to say that the ratios do fluctuate quite a bit, however everyone has a different approach to SEO but what I can say is that there should always be more internal links than external, and the amount of links you should be aiming for is 100-150 ideally. Remember that these are only guidelines and that in each situation the approach will be different, but it is well worth researching your competitors to compare their campaign to yours.