Posted by: SEO Positive

Posted on: August 16, 2010 9:17 am


A web host plays an important role in the search engine optimisation campaign of an SEO company and SEO consultant, further it’s role is vital in the success of a website in terms of gaining favour from the different search engine companies, especially with the search engine giant Google because of the fact that Google has launched Google caffeine which now includes website’s loading speed as one of the primary criteria. There are several properties of a web host that should be looked at in order for it to gain the right to be considered as a good web host. Apart from Scalability, Quality Support and presence of the Cpanel a good web host must also have a superior if not Good Network capability. Network would mean the physical network that connects the web host to its different client. The network structure of the web host is an important consideration because of the fact that it affects the speed of the website’s loading and further it affects the uploading and downloading of files. In order for a web host to be considered as having a sound structure the following are to be considered.

  1. The Network must be fast – this means that the network speed must be considered by looking at whether or not the web host network has an up to date server and if it has a multiple point connections absent one factor would mean that the web host would not load your website at a rate that would be favoured by Google.
  2. The network must have a large bandwidth – this would mean that the bandwidth of a web host must not be limited, it is a fact that one of the considerations or goal of SEO is to drive traffic to the site this goal will only be defeated if the website’s bandwidth is limited thus also limiting the number of times a website is going to be viewed.
  3. Security – another primary consideration in a network is security, a web host must install security features such as firewalls among others in order to ensure the safety of the data in your website.