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Posted on: October 30, 2012 11:47 pm


Content is said to be king, of course for a search engine optimisation consultant or company one must always qualify the statement. This is because content is already being scrutinised by the search engines in general before it actually is considered as such. The quality of content plays a big part in saying that the content is actually king. Gone are the days when content is being duplicated, replicated and or spinned to produce multiple copies of an original content. Today, with the incorporation of the Google Panda algorithm content should always be of the highest quality. It should be written in such a way that grammar and spelling is never compromised. This is why content developers have gained popularity since there is really a need for the website owners to develop great content.

How To Develop Your Content

1. Think of Your Audience – when conducting article writing you have to put your audience into focus. Write the content according to their needs and not according to yours. Your content must always be relevant to the niche that you are targeting and not divert away from such focus. Your ideas should be put into focus with relevance in mind.

2. Write Using Proper Grammar and Spelling – the language you have chosen to write your content does not matter, what matters is that you are to write such content using correct grammar and spelling based on the language you are using. Make sure that your content is written in proper grammar and spelling and also you have to make sure that your content is cohesive enough that they actually convey information or a thought instead of sounding gibberish.

3. Make it Interesting – aside from putting your niche or audience into focus write the content in an interesting manner. If it were information about your site, write it as interesting as possible. For a blog content how to’s or information that you think your audience would be interested in would be the content that you should be writing.

4. Call to Action – of course there is also a need for your content to engage your readers, whether to ask them to purchase your product, comment on your post among others, you have to call your audience to action. Engage them and make them do an extra action based on your desired goal.

5. One of a Kind – You should also make your content one of a kind, or at least it was not just copied from another resource. Duplicate content is being penalised by the search engines as their way of protecting the intellectual property of the different content developers.


Writing a great content is essential nowadays as the search engine optimisation arena is fast changing into favoring quality content over contents that were spinned or those that does not convey any message.

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Posted on: April 17, 2012 2:27 pm


The success of a website in raking in a high return of investment depends on the online marketing efforts incorporated in the said website. It is however, advisable that every SEO company and SEO Consultant should always start with their best foot forward in their SEO campaign. During the development of the website it is important to already make it sure that the web design is SEO friendly instead of a search engine hostile website. Planning is one of the most essential ingredients in both web design and search engine optimisation this is why it is very important that the planning stage should be placed in on top of the priority to-do list along with researches on keywords as well as the competition.

How to Start My SEO Campaign Correctly?

Aside from extensive planning being your top priority, to make an SEO Friendly website you should also take the following into consideration.

1. Fresh Content – when developing your website whether from scratch or through the use of the template it is important that you leave a part in your website where you can incorporate regular fresh content. This is because of the fact that Google and all other search engines do not give good rankings for website with very little to zero updates, the search engines does not want a website that would just be an online brochure. This is why many E-commerce sites are dedicating one page in their website as a blog page where they could regularly incorporate tips and updates regarding their business.

2. High Quality Content – now that you have decided to place a web page that will be dedicated to contain your website updates you have to dedicate time in order to develop the content that will go to your content page. In creating the content however, you should make sure that the contents will contain the right keywords and its correct density. Further, it is important to make sure that the content is not copied and is an actual original work. Search engines would frown upon contents that are not of value to the user, written poorly and are copied in part or in whole.

3. Create Links – your content should also contain one or two links either to a related page in your website or to an outside related source. This way you are showing or strengthening your contents reliability by being backed by different contents that would also speak of the idea in your content or would talk about the keywords that are linked. This link building effort would help you to properly structure your site’s links.

Conclusion on SEO Friendly Content Campaign

Website contents are considered to be one of the most important part of a website and to properly start with your content development campaign would help you save time, because if your content are solid it will not need replacement, otherwise such poor contents will have to be removed when Google and other search engines would discover the low quality contents in your website.