Many have tried search engine optimisation and yes many have failed and a few became successful after picking themselves up from that failure. Many fail in doing SEO because of several reasons but mainly because of lack of knowledge regarding the niche that they are trying to optimise. One thing that should be clear is that SEO does not have any set standards. Every niche has its own unique approach thus every website’s search engine optimisation campaigns are different. One problem of course is on how a starting SEO company does or consultant would know the processes or specific campaign to follow which would be effective for their specific niche? Having a strong foundation in every SEO campaign is imperative to ensure that the desired rankings will be met and such would stay firm in that desired ranking or range of rankings.

How to Start SEO Right

SEO starts not with link building or content development, the two cornerstones of search engine optimisation. Instead your research must start with research. Researching would greatly help you in your SEO campaign, why? Because by doing research you will be able to gather significant data about your niche and your website. There are two types of research which you can conduct before drawing up your plans in your SEO campaign.

Right Keyword Means Great Traffic

Before starting on any SEO campaign you should know which keyword would give your website the maximum traffic, of course you know that traffic is what gives your site’s ROI. Target the wrong keyword and you will just be wasting your entire SEO  campaign, get it right and you will be able to reap the benefits. There are several keyword research tools that are made available for you to use, where such tools would give you data on keyword difficulty and the monthly estimate of traffic that uses such keywords. Thus allowing you to determine which data would best fit your campaign.

Know Thy Competition

Second type of research that you should be conducting is through competition research. Knowing your competition does not mean just looking at their website, you should know how they have conducted their SEO campaign to give you a fair idea on how to go about with yours. By researching your competitors’ website and SEO Campaign strategies you will be able to know and improve on existing SEO campaigns focused on your niche. Researching your competitor can be done by scrutinising their websites’ pages through the sitemap, in addition to that you can research by using an application that can extract data from websites and determine the keywords or the websites that linked to their site.


Yes, content development and link building are the cornerstones of search engine optimisation but they are only effective in your campaign if you know what keyword or keywords would form the base of both your content development and link building campaigns. Conducting a good research would mean that you will be able to gather significant data that would help you in properly planning out your SEO campaign.