Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: November 18, 2011 10:01 pm


There are a number strategies and ways how to increase your ppc campaign’s CTR (Click Through Rates). So I’ll try to give you some tips, how to improve your PPC campaign‘s Click Through Rates (CTR).

1. Target right Audience. The most important thing before planning any PPC campaign is to select right keywords and phrases you want to target. These keywords should be related to your product or service you want to advertise via your PPC campaign.  It is not recommended to choose very obvious keywords which may generate a lot of impressions and huge amount of low quality clicks. To get higher CTR you may have to use descriptive keywords, so your text will be displayed only for users who are interested to your product.

2. Use Appropriate Keywords Matching. Google Adwords uses various methods of targeting like: Broad Match targeting (PPC Management), Phrase Match targeting (“PPC Management”), Exact Match targeting ([PPC Management]) and Advanced Broad Match targeting (“+PPC +Management”). By using these keyword targeting methods you may reach more targeted audiences and avoid irrelevant impressions as well as clicks.

3. Negative Keyword Strategy. By implementing negative keyword strategy you can reduce your advertising costs and bring more relevant visitors to your website. It is important to select negative keywords properly, because you have to make sure that your negative keywords won’t influence search phrases you want to be advertised for.

4.  Create relevant ad groups for different keywords. You will be able to maximize your Click Through Rates by creating relevant ad groups for similar keyword sets.

4. Write a compeling copy of text ads. Another important factor for maintaining healthy CTR is to write a compelling ad copy, by including keywords used in the search query (Automatic keyword insert) and using strong call to action elements.