Posted by: Evaldas Balcius

Posted on: July 4, 2012 4:04 pm


This tutorial may be useful for the advertisers who are already using call extensions and want to get better understanding of how many calls they are actually getting when visitor sees are clicks on their call extensions. This additional funcionality is called as Google forwarding phone number.  Google forwarding phone number allows you to get sophistaced reporting, which include stats such as:

  • Phone Impressions;
  • Phone Calls;
  • PTR (Phone Through Rate);
  • Phone Cost;
  • Average CPP (Average Cost Per Phone Call);

How Google forwarding phone numbers works

What this feature does? It will assign and display a unique Google number on your call extensions on destkop computers, laptops and mobile devices.  Google will generate a unique phone number for each adgroup. Every time the customers call using forwarding number, they will be redirected to the actual business phone number.

Please note that Google forwarding numbers are only available to UK and US advertisers.

Google charge a minimum fee of £1 for every call. There is also a field where you specify maximum bid per call CPP (Cost Per Call). Max CPP applies only for Destkop computers, Laptops and Ipads, but not for the ads shown on mobiles.

Google Forwarding Number Setup

1. Select the campaign you want to assing the call extension will forwarding number;

2. Click on “Ad Extensions“, select “View: Call Extensions” and click on a green button “+New Extension“;

3. Add the destination number to the input field “Phone Number

4. Select the Phone Number Option which is: “Use a Call Forwarding number from Google to get enchanced reporting and to show a phone number on mobile phones, destkops and tablets

5. Select one of the “Mobile Specific Options


Please keep in mind that Google forwarding number provides very limited funcionality of call tracking, if you are looking for more in depth reporting you have to look into the 3rd party call tracking software such as AdInsight, Infinity Call tracking etc.