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Posted on: October 30, 2012 11:47 pm


Content is said to be king, of course for a search engine optimisation consultant or company one must always qualify the statement. This is because content is already being scrutinised by the search engines in general before it actually is considered as such. The quality of content plays a big part in saying that the content is actually king. Gone are the days when content is being duplicated, replicated and or spinned to produce multiple copies of an original content. Today, with the incorporation of the Google Panda algorithm content should always be of the highest quality. It should be written in such a way that grammar and spelling is never compromised. This is why content developers have gained popularity since there is really a need for the website owners to develop great content.

How To Develop Your Content

1. Think of Your Audience – when conducting article writing you have to put your audience into focus. Write the content according to their needs and not according to yours. Your content must always be relevant to the niche that you are targeting and not divert away from such focus. Your ideas should be put into focus with relevance in mind.

2. Write Using Proper Grammar and Spelling – the language you have chosen to write your content does not matter, what matters is that you are to write such content using correct grammar and spelling based on the language you are using. Make sure that your content is written in proper grammar and spelling and also you have to make sure that your content is cohesive enough that they actually convey information or a thought instead of sounding gibberish.

3. Make it Interesting – aside from putting your niche or audience into focus write the content in an interesting manner. If it were information about your site, write it as interesting as possible. For a blog content how to’s or information that you think your audience would be interested in would be the content that you should be writing.

4. Call to Action – of course there is also a need for your content to engage your readers, whether to ask them to purchase your product, comment on your post among others, you have to call your audience to action. Engage them and make them do an extra action based on your desired goal.

5. One of a Kind – You should also make your content one of a kind, or at least it was not just copied from another resource. Duplicate content is being penalised by the search engines as their way of protecting the intellectual property of the different content developers.


Writing a great content is essential nowadays as the search engine optimisation arena is fast changing into favoring quality content over contents that were spinned or those that does not convey any message.

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Press releases are the best way to get your business featured in a target publication. They are used to announce news, a service, a product launch or a general development. They are always written in third person and should be both informative and engaging.

In order to add a personal touch as well as the news announcement it is important to add some background information and context into the press release. This provides the reader with an understanding of the company, its ethos and the type of brand. Below are the top five tips for adding background information and content to your press release.

  • Keep it clear. Readers are not interested in the whole company’s history; a brief synopsis of the company including when it was established and a few sentences including exactly what they do is more than enough.
  • Help readers feel the aim and ethos of the company, after all you are encouraging them to tell others about you.
  • Ensure that the tone is formal and professional when the company, background information and context are provided. Once your press release is submitted you just don’t know who may read it.
  • Bad grammar and poor punctuation are never good, especially in promotional copy. Always check facts, spelling and the general flow of the copy. Context and background information is usually factual based as well as descriptive so make sure it is correct.
  • Don’t use the whole of your press release explaining your company. The aim of the press release is to announce news, simply and concisely explain the context.

Now that you have a clear understanding of background and context in a press release, check back for upcoming blog posts describing and explaining other areas of press releases and the best way to carry them out.

Keywords are essential part of any search engine optimisation campaign. The writing of your article and the building of your links depends on the keywords that you would like to target. This is why it is important that you target the right keywords. How do you target the right keywords you say? Well you have to do actual keyword research where you compare the different keywords according to the number of traffic through the number of search usage and the competition difficulty based on how many websites and web pages utilises the same keyword.

To conduct proper keyword research processes for your search engine optimisation needs you have to have a keyword research tool that will give you accurate results on what you want. There are of course some keyword research tools that are sold in the market however many would prefer to have a free keyword research tool just like the one provided by Google, the Adwords Keyword Tool.  Unfortunately, Google’s keyword tool is not one hundred percent accurate and it might cause problems in your SEO campaigns later on once you discover the inaccuracy of the data you got. If you have an adwords account and have utilised adwords before you might have in your possession a very valuable keyword tool which is the search query data.

The search query data is a lot more accurate tool for keyword research because it provides the following:

1. True Performance Data – since this is from your Adwords campaign for your own website, the search query data will contain actual website outcomes, there is no estimate and no guessing only true data.

2. Targeted Data – the search query data is unique to your website it does not come from any other source or does it track any other website except yours. So the data gathered or contained within the search query data if only for your site and your competitor could not even access it.

3. Actual CPC Data – again since this is focused on an actual Adwords campaign the cost per click data is not an estimate unlike those that are presented in Google’s Keyword Research Tool. With the true value of your cost per click data you will be able to put an actual value on your SEO campaign and how much should you put into the said campaign.


This method of course is applicable if you have already worked with Adwords for your website, if you haven’t this is something which you should try in order not only to conduct  a PPC campaign for your site but also gather relevant and useful data for your future SEO campaigns.

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Google News has been one of the great platforms where you can make your site visible to users. Its existence is becoming more and more relevant as the number of website owners and internet marketers are growing everyday which makes the competition to win the topmost rank a lot tougher. This leaves everyone to do everything they could to make their sites search engine optimised. In this light, Google News has shared some insights on SEO and ranking factors which you can apply for your benefit.

One of the things you need to follow when we plan of submitting your news to Google News platform is to make your submission the soonest possible. After you published your articles on your own site, you can then have your articles submitted to Google so that the articles will be readily extracted and be crawled immediately. By doing so, you can increase your publishing capabilities and power. Since those articles which are most recently published are the ones likely to be processed, you have to keep your submissions very early.

Other than submitting your news articles as recent as you can, Google News also stipulated that you have to make your news site map submitted to Google. This needs you to register your site via Google webmaster tools so to have your site verified as well. By having your site included in Google News, you can already make the news features enabled on your site and Google can have your news articles submitted crawled easily and quickly.

To continue, it has also been said that Google recommends that you include only those URLs which have been most newly added in the news sitemap. This is because Google will not include in its next news crawl the old URLs. However, you need not worry if you have included older URLs since you won’t be penalized not unless you are found to be spamming. Speaking of URLs, it was also suggested that the URLs you are to use in the sitemap are unique and permanent. Reusing of URLs can make the news crawl difficult and it would be hard for Google to classify your stories then. Plus, you have to include at least three digits in your article URLs. Here, you must see to it the number combination in your URLs won’t spell identical to the format of a year.

In addition, it is also asserted that you have to maintain the cleanliness and organisation throughout your article body. This is due to the fact that Google will actually reject your article if its body is fragmented by many content which is not related to your article. That is why Google advised to place your article body near the title in its published form.

So that it would be easier for Google to crawl your news, it is also recommended that you have to display the publication date very visible on the HTML page. Its most preferred placement is in between the article body and title.

Basically, Google News has a lot more to say on this regard. But for a smooth beginning, the above insights on how Google News takes its role in making your site search engine optimised would be enough to get you started however you also have to make sure that the quality of your article writing or content development is worthy of being placed in Google news.




For so long now Google have been controlling how their algorithm would function. They even have caught a lot of SEO Companies and SEO consultants by releasing new updates in their algorithm by surprise and without any ample warning. However, this new algorithm change from Google will be something different, as for the first time such change is not influenced by the search engine giant itself but rather motivated by Hollywood. Yes, the algorithm change is motivated by Hollywood who won the case against Google ordering the search engine giant to factor in penalising copyright infringement in their algorithm.

The Case on Algorithm Change

Google have been constantly barraged by Hollywood lobbyist to filter their search results by not giving high search engine results page rankings to websites that fosters copyright infringement. It was the contention of the lobbyists that Google has in its power to create a filtered search result however they actually are not doing enough to weed out those that are clearly infringing copyrights. This of course will change as Google in their recent announcement that they will start to redeveloping their algorithm to factor in penalising copyright infringement in their search engine results page.

How Will Google Implement?

According to Google’s top engineers the updates on their algorithm will implemented as soon as possible, thus anytime this coming week we might already see some search engine results page changes. However, the actual question which may be lingering through your mind is “how exactly will Google Identify websites which violates copyright laws?” This is by identifying websites that have been given several copyright takedown notifications. Therefore those websites that have received a lot of valid notification for violating copyright laws is going to be ranked lower in the search engine results page ranking.

More Questions Than Answers

For Hollywood this is a good move by Google since it will now help owners of copyrights to protect their intellectual output. Further, content with legitimate quality source will now be found easily. Still some questions remains to be answered, for example, how will Google determine which type of copyright infringement notification is valid and which one is not? Unless Google implements an accurate system to determine the validity of a copyright infringement notification this new algorithm update will just be another avenue for Negative SEO, where legitimate websites may fall prey from this type of “underhanded” search engine optimisation technique.

Conclusion on Google’s Algorithm Change

Google’s algorithm change is indeed a good change especially to protect the interests of those who creatively develop systems, films and other artistic works. It is also a good step towards delivering quality results to searchers. Problems do arise from this endeavour and if they are not addressed it could spell disaster for the search engine company. In relation to article writing, this algorithm change might help in boosting the claim of the Panda algorithm which focuses more on the quality of the article rather than the quantity of the article, thus increasing the probability that copied articles and spinned is going to be a de-ranking factor for every website containing such.


Ever Since the Panda Algorithm was released Google have been emphasising the importance of great content. Google have been saying that everybody must create great contents for their website otherwise they will find their website at the other end of a Panda-slap. Ok so the question really is how does one decipher the qualities of a great content? Is it through the language used? Is it through the topic of choice? or is it through the correctness of the website grammar and spelling?

Great content according to Google is something that may fit the following criteria:

1. Created with the User in Mind – Google have been emphasising that when creating content you have to put the user in mind. Create content according to what your users need, make sure that your content will be meaningful and would cover all the bases in terms of the tips that you would like to impart. Do not spread the information in your content too thinly, quality and informative content is a must whether it is a text, video or audio content.

2. Original and Unique – when conducting article writing your contents should also focus on being the product of your creative mind and not just copied from another resource. Remember plagiarism is a crime and it is an act frowned upon by Google. Be creative and do not copy your site’s content.

3. Offer Value – your content must offer some sort of a value for your website visitors, make your content to be something that people visiting your site would want to “consume”.

4. Refrain From Posting Too Many Ads – of course this may not be directly related with content development but what we are trying to say is to make sure that your site content is the focus on every page and do not divert the attention of the visitors by placing too many ads on every page.

Conclusion on Content

For SEO Companies and SEO consultants one thing is clear with what Google is trying to impart, that is, content is king only when developed according to what the users want, or when developed with the user in mind, valuable information is gold so make sure that your content will inform people properly.

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If you have noticed a lot of websites even e-commerce websites have already installed an additional page in their site and this is a blog page. You might speculate that this is installed to satisfy the whims of the website owner, just because the owner loves to blog and would love his or her ideas to be published. Well, those speculations may be true but not really the main reason for all webmasters for incorporating blogs to their website.

The Reason For Blog Writing

In an artistic and maybe psychological point of view people blog because of the fact that they want to share their ideas and would like people to see and appreciate such ideas. In a search engine optimisation perspective however, this is not the case. Blogging in the point of view of SEO companies and SEO Consultants is one of the ways for them to be able to increase their visibility online. How is this possible? This is because of the fact that Google search engine have incorporated the Google Panda Algorithm which requires every website to be ranked to have high quality content and where such content are always unique and fresh.

Google loves website that delivers quality, constantly updated and informative content, this is because of the fact that it will conform to what Google and other search engine wants that is to deliver high quality and relevant search engine results page to its users.

Other Reasons For Blogging

Of course more than search engine optimisation we look at blogging as a form of connecting with your site visitors as well as connecting with your potential and existing clients. Blogging can be a form for  you to impart tips and techniques that may be useful to your clients relevant to the products and services that you company is offering.


Blog Writing has definitely expanded from just being a weblog into something useful for the online business. Blogs helps to inform and engage users in your website and when the right call to action is added you may even get a potential lead or conversion.


With the onset of the different algorithms of Google that focuses on determining a site’s ranking where content quality is considered as a ranking factor, made content development a lot more important. For content developers and even site owners however, it is important that they know how to identify a good and quality content. This is because of the fact that content quality has become a ranking factor and such a primary consideration by Google in determining whether or not the content deserves to be ranked. This is why SEO Companies and SEO consultants are focused on developing or writing effective content for their websites.

Characteristics of Quality Content

Content is very important in every website, more so when Google started to favor websites that contains quality content, this is why it is very important for website owners to know how to identify quality content from those that are of low quality. The following are the indicators of quality content.

1. Relevance – the content must be relevant to the topic or the general theme of the website. If a website is focused on talking about web design tips then the content should focus on that and not on other topics.

2. Cohesiveness of Thought – the content must be written and narrated following a single line of thought. This means that the focus of the writer is on properly conveying the message that he or she would like to impart. The thoughts should be clear and straight to the point without any extra sentences which may confuse the reader than understand the message of the content.

3. Unique – an article or content may be relevant and it may have cohesiveness but it might just have been copied. Copied articles or content posted on a website will raise the red flag signal for Google and other search engines and will penalise the website utilising such duplicate content. This is why it would be better if your articles are originally written.


The age of correct information is already here and Google has led the way to improving the quality of search results that it delivers to its visitors, and one way to do this is to determine the quality of content for every website. Thus knowing how you should write an article or knowing the qualities of an article would definitely help you in scrutinising your own article output or content output and you will be able to discern if your content deserves to be posted in your website or not. This way your content could be beneficial not only to your readers but also to your search engine optimisation campaign.

In the world of search engine optimisation, clients who are not really informed about the different tenets of SEO would normally ask “what’s taking so long?”. This question is always being asked especially during the start of the campaign. This may be due to the fact that clients do not see any tangible results in the SEO campaign. For a client to ask such question is understandable considering the fact that the clients are investing much on an SEO Campaign where sometimes it should take Faith than hope. This does not mean however that SEO is a hit-miss or a trial and error process, it only means that because of the high level of competition rankings are not assured and it would take some time before any of the SEO strategies would actually take effect.

So What’s Taking So Long?

At the very beginning of every SEO campaign many clients would actually ask on why it is taking so long for an SEO Company or SEO consultant to implement the search engine optimisation processes or campaign. In order to dispel any doubt the following are some of the processes involved in an SEO campaign that would actually take much time.

1. Keyword Research – conducting an SEO campaign without any particular target keyword would mean that your SEO Campaign is headed towards its doom. Search engines categorises and ranks websites according to the keywords that were optimised by SEO companies and SEO Consultants. Thus if your website is ranked using a keyword which do not yield a significant amount of traffic then your SEO Campaign would have been futile. This is why it is important to undergo keyword research in order for your website to rank in a keyword that is considered to be of high traffic value.

2. Competitive Research – another form of research which should be taken into consideration is competitive or sometimes called the competition research. This type of research is geared towards knowing the competition you are up against especially on the ranking of your chosen keywords. There are times when your chosen keyword may satisfy your requirement which yields a lot of traffic however such may also have a very high competition which means it would be difficult for your site to rank using that keyword. Difficulty in ranking is possible whenever there are a lot of websites or competitions who are using the same keyword. Of course those who are more established in their ranking would be very difficult to overcome thus if there are lots of websites with established seo campaigns then it would definitely be very difficult to outrank them. This is why competitive analysis research is important in order for your to choose the keyword that will yield a high traffic but has lesser competition.


The question “what is taking so long?” in terms of search engine optimisation is answered by the fact that SEO Campaigns require careful planning and preparation; you do not just implement an SEO campaign that is not well thought off. Therefore before you start implementing different strategies like article writing and link building you have to conduct keyword and competitive research first.

May search engine optimisation companies and seo consultants especially those who have already been in the business for a very long time, would agree that the use of keywords in their article writing efforts would help a lot in the indexing and ranking of their website in the search engine results page ranking. Adding keywords in the content of your website could be very beneficial since Google crawlers would tend to locate such keywords in the website content and would rank the website according to the keywords used by the SEO Company.

The Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is an SEOstrategy which helps in the efficient delivery of mails and correspondents. Prior to the latest search engine algorithm, during the start of the search engines the use of keywords generously in the website content is one factor for a website to be indexed and ranked before. However, because of the fact that this type of SEO strategy have been used and abused, the process known as keyword stuffing have been regarded as a black hat technique and is not an acceptable mode for search engine optimisation.


LSI or latent semantic indexing is known as the new process of Search engine optimisation where keywords are incorporated in the content. This process does not require the repeated use of keywords in the article but rather it only requires the use of the keywords three times in the article. It focuses more on determining the meaning of the word rather than indexing the word as is. In order to give search engine algorithms an impression on what the word being optimised is about the use of synonyms and relevant words in the article would help increase the possibility of such word to be indexed and ranked. This means that in an article the keywords must appear in the website 2-3 times and if such keyword would still be used it is best to use its synonym instead in order to give the search engine the understanding that such keyword is used according to the context of the synonym of the word.


It is important to note that excessive keyword use as a search engine optimisation strategy have already tagged as a black hat strategy and should already be avoided. Instead of using the keywords a lot of times in an article content it is best to use the keywords sparingly in the article and incorporate in the article the different synonyms of the word should you need to use the keyword more than thrice in your article to show that you are using the keywords according to the context of your synonyms.