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The popularity of the different Smartphones ballooned or increased exponentially in recent years. One factor that may have contributed to this popularity is the fact that with smartphones people could not just call or send small messages but also browse the internet and practically do all the basic functionalities that a personal computer could do. In addition to that there is also an increased in the introduction of tablet pc’s in the market. This increase in the production of smartphones was led by Apple in their introduction of the iPhone and the iPad where soon other companies followed like Samsung when they introduced their Galaxy Tap and Galaxy Note, the point is that many companies have seen the potential or the market viability of these devices that they keep on improving it. As a result of this a new breed of software applications were also developed in order to cater to the specifications of the hardware that such devices can accommodate. Again the new type of application was made available by Apple through the App Store and Google through their Android Market, soon the development of application became public that any developer could sell their application through the Android Market and the App Store.

Where Does Mobile SEO Come In?

It is because of the fact that many developers would like to have their applications uploaded and sold to the online mobile community that the mobile application business is becoming competitive. You might have noticed that there are several versions of an application that was developed to have the same functionality only that the applications were developed by two different persons or companies. This competition is where Mobile SEO would be advantageous this is because of the fact that during an upload to an App store of a mobile application there are several SEO avenues where you can integrate your SEO strategies in order to make your application be classified under the most relevant category.

What are the Mobile SEO Avenues available?

The Avenues available for mobile seo in the apps store is similar with that of a normal website, it offers the incorporation of keywords, the apps content are crawled and indexed on a regular basis, it also depends on the incorporation of content keywords as well as links. However, since applications themselves are not crawled it relies on the text content that you incorporate with the application that you have uploaded, this means that one available avenue for your to conduct your mobile SEO campaign is the description of your application, thus it is important that you describe your application extensively and it is also important to incorporate your keywords in your description.

Another avenue would be the title of your application, since this is a text indicating the title it would be best to again use your main keyword for the title, just make sure that your main keyword would be relevant with your application.

What about linking?

If you have considered to develop several applications or have decided into going to the Apps business then it would be best for you to develop your own website, as there might be instances where the Apps Store may indicate the link to your website, but of course this may be on a case to case basis.


The revolution happening in the world of mobile industry is indeed another area for SEO companies and SEO consultants to dwell on as it proves to be another viable arena for online marketing. Thus, if you plan on selling applications online do a little mobile SEO and you would be surprised as to the increase in your application downloads and purchases.


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Google has recently announced the release of their new product, the Google play. This is believed to be Google’s response into the growing popularity and need for multimedia, education and entertainment applications. It could be remembered that Apple’s Apps Store gained popularity along with the release of its different products such as the iPhone, iTouch and the iPad. The app store from Apple is a virtual store where Apple users can download different applications where some of which are for educational, multimedia and entertainment purposes. On top of that Apple also has the iTunes where users can purchase or download for free the music they want to listen to.

This popularity and growing clamour for music downloads, e-book, multimedia and entertainment application downloads has increased exponentially along with the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. This is the reason why a lot of companies have been going into the music and application download bandwagon. The latest is Google’s very own download store dubbed as Google play. According to Google, Google Play will allow users to download music, ebooks and they will also be able to rent movies. Google play is the combination of Google Books, Google Music and its Android Market.

This move of Google bolsters their support to their Android market, ever since Google entered the mobile market and competed with Apple, the former have already made initial moves in order for them to compete. Along with this is the acquisition of a mobile advertising company which is said to increase Google’s advertising presence in the mobile platform. Aside from that Google also entered the mobile market by providing Android powered smartphones where the Android market, an application market similar to Apps Store, started.

With Google play, the search engine giant hopes to drive more sales to their company as compared to the Apps Store of Apple, this is evident by the fact that just last year Android smartphones sales rose above Apples iPhone. This new product from Google may also give interest in the field of search engine optimisation or online marketing.

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Apple has released their brand new operating system, packed full of features old and new that are, in theory, revolutionary.

The new updates go throughout all features, including: Notifications, iMessages, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter, Camera, Photos, Safari, PC Free, Mail, Game Centre, Wi-Fi Sync, Multitasking (iPad), AirPlay Mirroring, and Accessibility. Apple has really gone all out on their new OS and has done their best to improve the whole system.

Notification Centre

All notifications can now be found in one place, the notification centre. Not only are all updates conveniently in one place, they also do not interrupt any apps anymore. A notification bar pops up at the top of your screen and whatever app you are on continues to run as per normal.


iMessage is a great new service that has only been done similarly by Blackberry with their infamous BBM app. Now Apple has released something that could be considered better as iMessage works for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All that is required is Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Hopefully they will not go as far as Blackberry do and continue to keep their services running.


Newsstand is a new app that organizes all of your news and magazines into one Newsstand. It also automatically updates each subscription as and when it happens. There is a dedicated section in the app store to purchase news and magazine subscriptions.


Reminders are your mobile to do list. You can type in any activity you need to remember or just have as a safety precaution in case you forget. You can make a Reminder by time or location, if you are leaving or going somewhere.


Twitter is increasing in popularity and Apple has integrated the social network directly into the iPhone and iPad. You can now tweet directly from apps, they have also made adding media and your location even easier.


The previous OS had a terrible camera system, you had to hold the iPhone at an awkward angle. Now you can use the volume button to take a picture, you can also go straight to the camera from the lock screen.


You can now edit your photos directly from the Apple device. Features include cropping, auto enhance and red eye.


Safari is the only web browser that is usable on Apple products, excluding the Mac. But now Safari has been made faster and has a few more added features: tabbed browsing, reading list, and reader.

PC Free

Once you are on iOS 5, you will no longer need to connect to a computer to set your device up, you don’t even need a computer to use any other Apple products. You can download iOS updates and backup your apps, music and photos.


You can now format your emails, including bold, italics and underline. You can even create and delete your mailbox folders.

Game Centre

The Game Centre comes with some new changes. You can add a display picture to your profile and you can now purchase apps directly from the games centre.

Wi-Fi Sync

You can sync your Apple product to a Mac or PC on a shared Wi-Fi network. Whenever you connect your iOS gadget to charge, it syncs itself automatically.

Multitasking (iPad)

The iPad can now multitask, pinch the screen with four fingers and the multitasking bar is revealed. Now getting around the iPad is even easier!


Airplay is only available for the iPad2 and iPhone4S and it requires an Apple TV. Airplay allows its users do display what is onscreen on their iPhone or iPad on screen to a larger audience, ideal for presentations and so on.


Apple seems to have really pulled out all the stops with this one! They have focused on making their devices more accessible and innovative than ever. I will be writing a review of the new OS tomorrow so stay tuned!

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apple logo steve jobsYesterday, many of us awoke to the dreadful news of Steve Jobs and that he passed away. But I think we should be focusing on what he achieved in his life and how much he affected others with his astonishing achievements.

1955 -

Steve Jobs was born, February, 24th

1972 -

Steve joined Reed College, Portland,  he dropped out after a semester.

1974 -

Stephen was employed by Atari, who created the classic arcade game, SPACE INVADORS! He also attended meetings with the Homebrew Computer Club accompanied by an old friend from high school, Steve Wozniak.

1975 -

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak continued attending their Homebrew Computer Club gatherings.

1976 -

The first Apple computer was created on April fool’s day, which was a few days after Steve Jobs and Wozniak created a circuit board in their garage, located in Silicon Valley. Ron Wayne, who was the third co-founder Apple, left the company, after 2 weeks, the first ever Apple computer then went on the shelves for $666.66 ready for the summer.

1977 -

A second model of the Apple computer was revealed; the first personal computer to have colour graphics, Apples’ income reached $1 billion.

1978 -

Steve Jobs become the father to his daughter, Lisa; the mother was Chrissan Brennan who was Stephens’ girlfriend.

1979 -

Steve went to PARC (Xerox Pala Alto Research Centre) and was motivated by a Personal Computer that had a user interface which was graphical.

1980 -

Apple sells its products to the public; they earned around $110 million in what could be one of the biggest public offerings to this day.

1982 -

Yearly income totals at $1 billion.

1983 -

The Lisa PC was available to buy. Steve employed John Sculley as CEO of Apple

1984 -

The Macintosh advert was aired at half time of the Super Bowl, the Macintosh was then available in stores.

1985 -

Steve and Sculley argued, causing Steve leave Apple. Wozniak resigned Apple later in that year.

1986 -

Steve Jobs began his corporation called Next Inc., which was a new computer manufacturing and development company, creating PC’s for universities. He also purchased Pixar off of George Lucas, who we all know today as the creator of Star Wars.

1989 -

The first computer from Next Inc., was put on the shelves for a total of $6, 500

1991 -

Apple announce a new partnership with IBM to create new PC software and microprocessors; Apple releases portable Macs named PowerBook’s which were developed into the Macbooks that we know today.

1993 -

Apple unveils the Newton, a pen controlled, hand held computer. Apple lost $188 million in the quarter of that year. John Sculley was replaced with Michael Spindler who was promoted to the CEO of Apple. Sculley resigned as chairman. Steve Jobs wants to focus to be on developing software, as opposed to computers.

1994 -

Apple releases the Power Macintosh, which was created around the PowerPC chip that IBM and Motorola helped to develop, Apple then licensed its OS, which allowed, competing companies to clone Mac software.

1995 -

The first Mac clones were sold. Pixars’ animated film, Toy Story, was released in theatres which caused Pixar to go to Wall Street with a 140 Million IPO.

1996 -

Apple stated they wanted to buy Next Inc. for a total of $430 million, to become the owners of the OS Steve and his team had created. Steve then became the official advisor of Apple. Spindler was replaced with Gil Amelio as CEO of Apple.

1997 -

Steve was then promoted to the short-term CEO of Apple after Amelio was let go; he created an ingenious marketing opportunity by calling to himself the iCEO of Apple. Steve then put a stop to the Mac copy cats.

1998 -

Apple starts to make a profit, once again. Apple releases a candy coloured iMac which greatly changed the personal computing trade. The handheld Newton was also take off of the shelves.

2000 -

Steve Jobs became the permanent iCEO of Apple

2001 -

The first ever iPod was sold. Macs with a new operating system (OS X) were also released as well as the music software known as iTunes.

2003 -

Apple launches the iTunes online music store, with an estimated 200,000 songs that were priced at 99 cents each. 1 million songs had been purchased in the first week of iTunes being released.

2004 -

Jobs undertook surgical treatment for a curable case of pancreatic cancer; Apple released this information after his treatment.

2005 -

Apple produces different forms of the iPod, containing the iPod Nano, also an iPod that can play videos. Macs that were to be released at a later date were proclaimed to use Intel chips.

2006 -

Disney bought Pixar animations from Steve Jobs for a price of $7.4 billion, making him Disney’s largest shareholder.

2007 -

Apple unveils their first smart phone, the iPhone; customers camped overnight to be the first to get their very own.

2008 -

Steve Jobs seems to be ill because of his extreme loss of weight. In Apples’ event, September, he said that the rumours of his death are overstated.

2009 -

Steve clarifies that his weight loss is down to a hormone imbalance and he will be continuing to run Apple. Just a few days after this, he announced he will be on medical leave; he had a liver transplant and came back to the company in June.

2010 -

Apple sold 15 million iPads within only 9 months of its’ release.

January 17th 2011 -

Steve Jobs declared another medical leave to his employees by memo. Cook then took Steves’ position and ran Apples’ projects however; Jobs kept his title as CEO and was still a big part of important decisions.

August 24th 2011 -

Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, Cook then took the position of CEO and Jobs is titled as the chairman of Apple.

October 5th 2011 -

Steve Jobs died at 56 years old. Apple announced his death without giving a COD.

We have lost a fantastic person, even if we did not have the privilege to meet Steve ourselves, we cannot deny that he has changed every humans life, whether they know it or not. By pushing the human race to develop and realise that the limits are the ones we set. RIP Steve Jobs.