Posted by: Ben Austin

Posted on: January 20, 2012 11:10 am


megauploadThe infamous file sharing website has been taken down. Try visiting, the site is no longer up. The FBI made four arrests along with the closure of the file sharing website. Many internet users are shocked by this news as SOPA’s protest was only yesterday in which a huge number of highly trafficked sites closed down in hope of taking down SOPA.

Interestingly enough, the taking down of Megaupload and arrests have caught the attention of international hacktivist group Anonymous. Anon released a message to the public via YouTube to declare the beginning of some sort of cyber-war between the citizens of the United States of America and the Government. Anonymous also urged viewers to share the video via various social media platforms. In retaliation to the FBI’s actions, Anonymous attacked many government sites which resulted in them being offline for some time.

There is a huge amount of protest going on against SOPA and also PIPA as many internet users believe this will censor the internet. Most agree that online piracy needs to be combatted, but this is not an effective method to fix the issue.

This act by the FBI shows that even without SOPA’s approval, they can take any site down and arrest whoever they want, according to Anon anyway. Whether SOPA is passed will be decided in four days, we can only wait and see what will happen to the internet.

If the bill passes it will hugely affect the web in ways that cannot be fathomed. Search engines will be forced to alter their results, which will result in biased results, directly affecting the process and general industry of SEO and PPC.

If SOPA is not approved, it is likely that the US government will find another bill that the citizens of America will be happy about and to deal with online piracy once and for all.

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Posted on: November 7, 2011 10:05 am


anonymousEarly this year we were all made aware that Facebook was going to be hacked and destroyed by the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The attack was to happen on the 5th of November, significantly symbolising with Guy Fawkes. However, as many Facebook users watched their screens for signs of Anonymous activity, they were relieved of their worries, or were they disappointed?

The many YouTube videos informing its’ viewers about the “attack” amassed roughly 600,000 views. Needless to say that there are definitely more than that, but the question must be raised, did we actually want Facebook to be taken down? After we heard about all of the data mining and the many flaws of the privacy policy which includes the inability to delete your account, did we want it all to be deleted? I did to an extent. In fact, OpFacebook pushed me to delete my Facebook account because it brought awareness to the many flaws.

Anonymous stated that they were not attacking Facebook, and nobody believed them. We have to keep in mind that Anonymous do not have a “leader”, and the group consist of Hackers from around the world with different views and beliefs. It is without a doubt that some members of the group wanted to take down the social network, but the majority did not. On the official Anonymous twitter account, there was no mention of the Facebook plot, and OpFacebook’s Twitter account has not tweeted for a long time. So it is fair enough to say that the rumoured attack had no affiliation with Anonymous.

The fact that the operation had no affiliation to Anonymous really doesn’t matter. Facebook is still running, and it is still online. What did we expect? Facebook is Mark Zuckerbergs’ baby and I would imagine that it is practically impossible to hack into. Although I cannot say that for sure because I know nothing of hacking, regardless Facebook did not go down and it is very unlikely that it will.