To fully understand your Google Adwords account performance is important to analyze your paid search visitor’s behavior using Google Analytics stats. As Google Analytics and Google Adwords being one fully integrated system, Google allows to import Google Analytics goals to Google Adwords Conversion tracking interface. This functionality allows to measure different conversions than view of key page. Let’s say one of your goals is based on time spent on site or number of pages visited, Google Adwords won’t be able to measure that kind of conversion, but Google Analytics will, so you just have to setup time spent on time as a goal and import this goal to Google Adwords.

To import Google Analytics into the Google Adwords you have to follow the setps:

1. Login to you Adwords Account and Hover over “reporting and Tools” then select “Conversions”

2. Click on the button “Imported from Google Analytics”

3. Then select The Goals you want to import and click on “Import”

Happy analysing!