Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

One of the good advices anyone can give in any endeavour is to “take a risk and learn from your mistakes”, a better advice that could be followed by everyone is to “learn from others’ mistakes”. There are instances where we can prevent disaster from happening by arming ourselves with the proper knowledge and such proper knowledge could even be learned by learning from the mistakes that were committed by others.

Mistake and Social Media Marketing

One of the newest marketing strategy for SEO companies and SEO consultants is via the internet is Social media marketing, this is said to be a very productive marketing strategy but also a very volatile one since you will be dealing with people directly through social media networks, where comments placed could either make or break your company reputation. This is why committing a mistake in your social media campaign could turn your marketing campaign into a nightmare.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Through the experiences of social media managers there were several Social media marketing mistakes that we have learned and are now sharing it with you in order to avoid this kind of problems in the near future:

1. Lacks Interaction – setting up a Facebook fan page or a Twitter Account for the company is a potential avenue for marketing, therefore you have to work to increase your company reputation in the world of social media, which means that you have to interact with your clients or potential clients who would be asking your questions, giving their comments and posting their suggestions. By quickly responding to their queries you will be able to manage your company’s online reputation.

2. Forgetting the Call To Action – a basic requirement in every marketing effort is to include your call to action method. This is because of the fact that call to actions would tend  to motivate clients, potential clients or maybe the site visitors to purchase or avail of your products and services, should you post a status update a little call to action may not hurt.

3. Unreliable Content – sometimes it is easier to copy content and post it in your social media status however this is a dangerous practice since it would open up the avenue for complaints and negative comments in your website, make sure that all the content that you will be placing in your social media status is original and reliable because all clients or potential clients visiting your website are looking only for reliable contents.

Conclusion on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing deals with actual people who are in the members of such online community, once you create your own social media page you are actually building a community for your company and thus it is important to look after your community by not committing such social media mistakes previously stated.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

As the founder of SEO Positive, Ben possesses a deep understanding of online marketing and is renowned for his forward thinking strategies and investigative approach towards optimisation. Ben will be keeping our readers up to date with company news and offering tips and tricks from an executive’s perspective.

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