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Posted on: February 26, 2013 10:27 am


Smartphone Assurance Has a Long Way to Go

We all know that smartphone popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate, but it seems as though our confidence in mobile activity has a little way to go. It was reported in E consultancy recently that an MEF survey of 9,500 people from 10 different countries found that only just over a third are comfortable sharing personal data.

37% claimed they didn’t feel confident sharing this information with an app, with a further 70% saying they felt it important that an app made them aware when it was collecting data. 71% felt the same about the company sharing their data.

However could this be down to a previously bad experience, or simply just lack of awareness about mobile activity? The trend is still a relatively new one, and other research by Intela has shown that half of UK smartphone users are now happy to spend more than £10 on their mobile.

This is line with the increase in the past year of people using mobile devices to purchase online goods and services. However, it’s worth remembering that we are dealing with only small amounts here. Should the figure be £50, we may see the amount of people willing to part with their cash drop significantly.

So is it that we are more worried about our personal data than we are about our financial details? With recent Twitter hackings as well as multiple questions surrounding Google’s security issues following the Street View Cars situation, the topic has gained a lot of news coverage.

Either way, it looks as though it may be in the hands of brands and their app developers to build our confidence. Improving transparency and keeping customers aware of how their details are being handled should help with this. Companies should also think seriously about investing the necessary time and money in these apps to keep them free from viruses and other issues.

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