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Signals to Build Your Authority Rank

With Google’s changing algorithm and its constant release of updates for Panda and Penguin algorithms it has been noticed by SEO Companies that these are indications that Google’s previous project, the Agent Rank is now ripe to be implemented. Agent ranking or which is now called the Authority Ranking is a process that recognises the authority or the reputation of the content creator and utilises it to influence search engine rankings. How does the search engine determine the authority of the content creator? This is by grading the verified content of the author and by that “grade” reputation of the same author is determined. The author rank focuses on the reputation of the author based on the contents that he or she has written.

Preparing for the incorporation of the Author Rank in Google’s algorithm will give you the edge as indications are already showing that Author Ranking is about to be integrated by Google in their search engine algorithm. So how does one prepare for the Author Ranking?

These are some information on what may possibly be the signals for increasing Authority Rank

1. Your Average Page Rank – Authority ranking will not replace page ranking, rather it will compliment it, and therefore you should keep a high average page rank in order to increase your authority as the author for your website. Of course this interaction between the authority rank and page rank is not a one way street instead their action is two-way, complimenting each other.

2. Social Media Interaction through Google Plus – of course for Google, the use of Google plus in terms of social media marketing and promotion of the website is very important. You can integrate your Google Plus profile page with your website in order show your audience your social media engagement. However, it is not enough that you have a social media page integrated with your website it is also very important that you actually post, reply, comment or share your blog posts to your followers to encourage more discussions within the social media network.

3. Number of Shares and +1’s – Google’s +1 is similar to Facebook’s like, it has been noticed that every time a significant number of plus one’s or shares via Google plus is met. These two social sharing buttons from Google is definitely one of the factors which may affect your authority Ranking


Of course there are a lot of other ways on how you are able to discern which signals you may have to focus on in you want to increase your authority ranking. There may be other ways on how to increase authority ranking and these of course would be revealed in due time.

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