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Posted on: June 30, 2009 10:08 pm


SEO Tip – The View On The Use Of Black Hat Techniques

In the world of Search engine optimisation there is always that need for every SEO to get ahead of it’s competition. Sometimes because of the tedious task involved in Search engine optimisation many SEO consultants or even SEO companies are being tempted to utilise black hat SEO strategies. The SEO process requires patience because of the fact that there are several factors that actually affects the indexing and ranking of a certain website. Sometimes there are instances where the website is sandboxed and is not ranked nor indexed by the search engine, sand boxing is usually done by Google to weed out new sites from old and mature websites where new websites are always sand boxed until such time that it is ready to be indexed by Google and readiness means that the website should already conform to the criteria set by the search engine company. Sand boxing is just one of the reasons why an SEO company or an SEO consultant would resort to black hat techniques. The temptation to utilise such unethical technique is mainly because of the fact that the website could easily be indexed and ranked by Google or any other search engine but such unethical act doesn’t go unpunished as it has its repercussions when detected, such as the banning of the website for a specific time period which by the time that all black hat techniques employed were already removed and the website is now back into circulation it’s competitors may already have been so far ahead in employing SEO techniques which in turn would give the previously banned website to work double time to at least get to page two of the search engine result page.

The most common SEO black hat technique that is being employed by some SEO practitioners is the method called keyword stuffing. Content is king as SEO’s would say that is why every content of the web page or website black hat techniques practitioners floods their content with the specified keywords. They do this even if the content does not make any sense at all, as long as the keywords are inserted. Fortunately, search engines had already adapted to this old black hat technique by recognising only contents that makes sense. If content does not make sense and it is only embedded with a lot of keywords then it is to be considered as a spam web page by the search engines.

There are other several black hat techniques being employed by some unscrupulous SEO practitioners who wants to get ahead of the SEO game using unethical and unfair methods but rest assured that these so-called black hat techniques are now being prevented by search engines by continuously updating their algorithm to recognise such black hat technique.

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