SEO Strategies that May Be Hit By Google Algorithm Change

A month or so ago Google has announced that they will be incorporating in their algorithm a process which will detect and will penalise websites that are over optimised. This is relative to Google’s goal of bringing relevant search results to their users, through the search engine results page. Unfortunately, many SEO companies and SEO consultants may have resorted to over optimisation and it may be affected negatively after Google has launched the algorithm update. Another disadvantage on the part of the SEO Companies and SEO consultants is the fact that although announcements were made with regards to penalising over optimised website, there were not hints on what are going to be considered by Google as over optimised websites.

Indicators of Over Optimised Websites

Although there are no direct announcements or indications on what could be considered by Google as over optimised websites, SEO companies and SEO consultants have contemplated that the following may be considered as indicators of over optimisation:

1. Internal Links Indicating Search Engine Manipulation – there are sites that have utilised internal linking to different web pages within the website that are purposely done in order to manipulate search engine ranking. Although there is no prohibition as to this type of link building structure it should be remembered by SEO companies implementing this type of strategy that the linking should be relevant and within the context of the content. Otherwise, the link may just invite the attention of the search engine algorithm as something that is spammy or is intended for search engine manipulation.

2. Spammy Link Building Strategies – of course spammy link building strategies have always been penalised by Google however there might be some link building strategies that may be fine for now but might be considered by Google as something spammy after the algorithm update. Among those link building strategies that might be considered as spammy by Google are link building through comments especially those that were automated, private link networks and even article directories that accepts poorly written content.

3. Excessive Use of Keywords in the Title Tag – using the keywords in the site’s title tag may be an indicator of over optimisation because such title content does not mean anything. It would be best if you write your title in such a manner where you could indicate a short description of your page or website rather than stuffing the title element of your website with keywords.


What we should first remember is that these are just speculations that is borne out of an extensive observation. It is not an absolute list of what Google will consider as indicators of over optimisation for a website. However, those that were mentioned reduces user experience something that Google wants to increase. Therefore, it would be best to develop your SEO Campaign with the user in mind rather than having the search engine as your primary focus.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

As the founder of SEO Positive, Ben possesses a deep understanding of online marketing and is renowned for his forward thinking strategies and investigative approach towards optimisation. Ben will be keeping our readers up to date with company news and offering tips and tricks from an executive’s perspective.

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