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SEO On The Go

Checking your SERP’s can be a time consuming task, whether on a mobile phone or a desktop computer, 9 times out of 10, SEO ‘s are searching their keywords into Google and CTRL F for their website until they find it. Well there a small solution called Serps.

To download this free SEO app, just search SERP into the app store and it is the application with the purple line graph. It only takes a few seconds to download and install, depending on your web connection. When you first access the app, you will be taken to a domains section. This is where you add your domain(s) that you wish to check the rankings for. Make certain that you enter the full domain and spell it correctly as this will affect the results given.

The next step is to add the keywords for your domains, you can have as many keywords as you want. The only problem with this (similar to many SERP checkers, is that a few mistakes are made, thus the results will not be accurate. From further investigation I have found that when searching for a result on Google (computer search) map results and so on will appear, this shows up as On top of that, there are a few occasions where domains will be repeated. This obviously affects the results, however the duplicates are shown next to each other and all that is required is to make a note of how many repeats there are and then take the off of the position which the app shows you.

Because of the mistakes that are present in this app, some may feel it is worthless and takes just as much time as counting your positions from Google’s results. This may be true on a desktop however the positions displayed on a mobile device are different to what a desktop computer would be. That being said, it is more accurate to find any repetitions instead of counting results that would be different on a computer.


Unfortunately, a reliable SERP checker has not been found yet. Although a close second is available on a mobile device, saying that, it is the users choice whether they use this app is it can provide uncertain results. It is a good alternative to checking SERP’s on a smart phone.

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