SEO Is Easy Right? Wrong!

Search engine optimisation as everybody knows is a very tedious task, at first glance the untrained person would think that the process of search engine optimisation is a very easy task considering the fact that you would just sit in front of your computer and just click and type on your mouse and keyboard respectively. But once you immerse yourself in the process of search engine optimisation you will realise that it is not really that easy, it requires creativity, intellect and a good understanding of both the technical and the creative aspects of search engine optimisation and other areas related to online marketing.

The Process of Search Engine Optimisation

The following are the breakdown or the different steps on how search engine optimisation is done, of course what we are presenting here are just the basic or the structure of an entire SEO process commonly done by SEO Companies and SEO Consultants. Again creativity is one factor that may get your SEO campaign into getting good results so do not stick to what we present you can take the idea and be creative in your processes.

1. Keyword Research – every successful SEO campaign is rooted on a solid Keyword research. This is because in this process you would like to know what specific keywords you would like your site will be indexed and ranked by your target search engine. So keyword research will form the foundation of your SEO Campaign.

2. Content Development – with the recent Panda algorithm update Google have already penalised websites that do not contain content that gives value to the readers. Spinned content or thinly written content are frowned upon by Google and thus would result to penalising the site having such content. This is why it is important to always write contents that are relevant, informative and creative, search engines loves indexing and ranking content that really gives value not only to the search engine but most of all for the users, thus you have to write your content for the visitors of your website not for the crawlers or search engine bots.

3.  Link Building – another of SEO ‘s cornerstone is link building, the only thing you have to understand about link building is that each link that will go to your site is a vote to your site however with the advent of the Penguin algorithm quality of link is more important than quantity and how do we determine quality? The easiest way is to determine the page rank of the website linking to your site. A higher page rank means higher quality of link.

4. Progress Monitoring – Constant monitoring is important even if you have already reached your quota or if you have reached page 1 of Google. This is because of the fact that you are competing with other websites and if you do not maintain optimisation process the competing sites may be able to overtake your site ranking and may cause the drop in your ranking.

So is SEO Easy?

There might only be four processes presented but from the processes and risks involved this makes SEO a difficult task, not to mention the fact that you are competing with thousands of other website wanting to be ranked in the first page of the search engine in your chosen keyword. Search engine optimisation is not easy but it is not impossible either, it just takes time and constant work on your website.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

As the founder of SEO Positive, Ben possesses a deep understanding of online marketing and is renowned for his forward thinking strategies and investigative approach towards optimisation. Ben will be keeping our readers up to date with company news and offering tips and tricks from an executive’s perspective.

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