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SEO Companies Should Avoid These Web Spam Techniques

When Google Penguin hits a lot of website were de-ranked and some were suspended in Google’s search engine results page ranking. Many SEO companies and SEO consultants very well know that one of the main source of traffic and return of investment to website is through the search engines particularly that of Google. This is because of the fact that Google is the leader in terms of the number of search engine users. Google has captured around sixty to seventy percent of internet users and the other thirty percent is divided by Yahoo, Bing and other search engine websites. This is why with the latest penguin algorithm those websites who have utilised different web spam techniques were de-ranked and were suspended from the search engine results page.

Web Spam Techniques SEO Companies Should Avoid

Some SEO companies were hit by the penguin not because their strategies were outright considered as web spam some of them were not aware that such link building strategies were already considered by Google as web spam, thus in order to help SEO companies and SEO consultants identify the web spams we have put together these lists of possible sources of web spams.

1. Spam Blogs – recently Google have devalued BMR a blog network that allows the building of links through the posting of blogs, what is unique in BMR is that it allows the posting of blogs that are of very low quality. BMR was built not as a content site but rather as a link building site thus quality was not put into focus rather it was the anchor texts which were given focus.

2. Paid Directory Listings – long before Google penguin the significance of the directory listings were already lowered, this is because of the fact that some of the directory site are resembling a link farm, where category and link quality is not the primary consideration rather payment for the link is the primary reason for activating the link.

3. Profile Building – many SEO Companies have created different profiles from different websites, creating profiles allows one to incorporate a link towards his or her target website. It may seem harmless at first however its effect or it being tagged as a web spam would be dependent on the user’s activity in that website, before the profile is going to be deemed not a web spam the user must be active in that website community where his link was incorporated. So it is not enough to create your profile you must also have an active participation in that community.


Search engines have evolved and so does those that were considered as web spam, some of them may appear to be harmless however it would be best to build your links and develop your content without putting into consideration your desire to rank in the search engine because the more you desire to rank the more SEO strategies which you might use to manipulate the search engine result, something that Google or any other search engine does not want.

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