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Revisiting Link Building

Search engine optimisation is a complex process that combines different strategies from the main category of an onsite SEO and offsite SEO to the detailed strategy of optimising keywords to link building. Indeed search engine optimisation is a complex process, that is why many business owners or website owners are resorting to hiring the skills or expertise of different SEO companies and SEO consultants. One of the processes that is always considered to be the central or important strategy that is a must to be executed is the process of link building. Search engines considers links going to your site as “votes” which means that it is going to be a determinant in assessing your websites’ reputation online.

The more quality links you have the higher the chance for your site to being indexed and ranked. One of the major changes that were noticed by SEO companies and SEO consultants is that search engines would heavily favor a website with quality links rather than a website with more links but are not of the desired quality. What does quality mean? It means that the link or the website linking to your website must also have a decent reputation online, for Google this is determined through the page ranking system. Where the page rank is determined by the number of “votes” or links going to your website, to illustrate, a website with a page rank of 2 and above and is ranked high up in the SERP means that it’s a reputable website with decent links which means that if this website links to your website then you are getting a quality link as compared to a website with no page rank and with a very low SERP.

Another determinant of the quality of link is relevance, the link must be relevant to the site’s theme. Meaning your website must be relevant to the site that is linking to you, again to illustrate, the site that tackles or discusses fitness must have links from websites that also tackles topics on fitness or health. A website with page rank of six may be linked to your fitness site but if the linking site is about construction materials which does not have both direct and indirect relationship then such link would be rendered as useless.

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