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Reasons not to do an In-House PPC Campaign

Conducting a Search engine optimisation campaign is undoubtedly a skill that can be learned by those who have the technical knowledge needed in the field of SEO. For some this fact prompted business owners to learn the basics of SEO. However, it should be understood that search engine optimisation and the learning of such would take a considerable amount of time. For some business that does not have the luxury of time to conduct their own learning of the tenets of SEO and the time to manage the learning curve hiring an SEO company or an SEO consultant is advisable. This reality is not applicable with Pay Per Click campaigns, unlike for learning and implementing SEO campaigns PPC campaigns comes with several risks and these risks could be detrimental to your business and to your entire online marketing campaign.

Risks of In-House PPC Campaign

In order to understand the difference of SEO campaign with PPC campaign it is important to understand the risks involved in PPC campaign especially if the person implementing the campaign is inexperienced.

1. Poor Budgeting – one of the main factor that may put your PPC campaign into failure is budget, you might be spending thousands of pounds for an unproductive PPC campaign. A solid PPC campaign requires budgeting however losing it on the first day of the campaign without gaining anything constitutes poor budgeting.

2. Targeting the Wrong Geographical Area – advertisements that are displayed as a result of the PPC campaigns are shown in different websites and different geographical area unless otherwise customised. So if you are only targeting the local audience and conduct an improper set up of your PPC campaign your site may be visible to a wide range of audience however it may not be applicable to the majority because of the difference in geographical location and the intended target audience.

3. Incorrect Keywords – one of the main reason why targeted traffic is delivered to a website through PPC campaign is because of the fact that the right keywords are used. For a beginner in the PPC campaign there is the danger on using improper keywords and might in effect use your budget for clicks that will not bring any revenue.

4. Ignoring Negative Keywords – negative keywords should be specified in a Pay Per Click campaign, because of the fact that you may have gain clicks from users that may not be looking for the information that you are offering, thus in order to avoid bidding or placing a tag price to negative keywords you have to identify it and exclude such in your budget, otherwise you will gain more clicks but less revenue.

Conclusion on Why You Should Leave PPC to the Experts

Proper information and proper Pay Per Click campaign strategy is necessary in order for one to conduct a successful campaign. Such risks have great effects in your advertising campaign specifically on your budget thus it is best that PPC should be handled by those that are already adept in the field of Pay Per Click implementation.


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Ben Austin

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