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Portals And SEO

Portals are considered to be websites that are created for the sole purpose of transferring website visitors to another website having a different content type. It is because of portals’ nature that most SEO’s and internet users consider is as a spamming technique. It is for this reason that many SEO companies or SEO consultants have taken several steps to diminish the usefulness of portals in SEO campaign by flagging several indicators such as interlinking and duplicate contents among other indicators. This creates a problem to those who started their campaign during the legitimacy of portals as part of SEO strategies.Optimising a portal website will prove to be harder than optimising a normal standard SEO targeted website. This however prompted some SEO’s to find creative ways to optimise their portal sites and the output focuses on two of the most essential parts of SEO, the site visitors and the keywords.

One way to optimise your portal website is to focus on the actual visitor and client for your website. Most SEO companies and SEO consultants have been focusing their energies on “pleasing” the search engine robots that they are forgetting the other important visitor of their website and these are the actual internet users and or clients. Since you cannot focus your energy on robots due to the nature of a portal website you will have to transfer all your SEO energies to pleasing the internet users or your actual website visitors. This can be achieved by creating relevant and informative contents in addition to making site navigation easier for the website visitors. This way you can convince your website visitors to stay on your site much longer and to hopefully subscribe to your newsletter or information offer and maybe to purchase your product or avail of your services.

A portal websites’ nature of having unique web pages on redirects allows you to use and combine more keywords or key phrases rather than having all keywords and key phrases on a single website. For example your keyword is SEO and Website Design, you can separate them into two unique web pages where SEO will be found only on an SEO web page and the Website design will be used in a website design web page. This way you can mix and match keywords that has high connection or relevance with each other.
Since using Portals is considered by many to be a spamming strategy you have to thread lightly when taking the different steps in your SEO campaign for this type of website. Make your portal site as friendly as possible and as easy and as informative as possible, if you have doubts in incorporating other SEO strategies in a portal website, play safe and don’t use it.

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