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Posted on: April 22, 2010 8:17 am


Personalised Search Optimisation

Four months after Google has announced their personalised search option which was believed to completely change the process of Search engine optimisation, it has been observe that SEO is still the major factor in making a website visible through the search engines. Google’s personalised search centers on the principle of behavioral targeting thus, the search results that will be returned to the user is going to be based on the so-called “behavior” of the user when using the internet. However, the personalised search’s goals are not being fully realised as the use of search engine optimisation strategies still plays a big part in determining whether a website is going to be indexed or not or whether a website is going to be ranked higher in the search engine results page or  not.

Despite of this SEO companies and SEO consultants should not ignore Google’s announcement about the personalised search as this would turn out to someday become a huge part in the search engine’s algorithms. Thus, it would be better if SEO companies and SEO consultants would prepare themselves in getting ready for such situation of change in SEO algorithm.

In optimising personalised search by Google the same processes will apply such as developing relevant contents and relevant keywords. The rule of SEO is that the website’s contents and keywords should be relevant to the main theme of the website, off-topic keywords and contents in relation to the entire website would render your website to be a spam website thus warranting a suspension of your website from being ranked or indexed.

Second is that your website should attract click-through from the end user and this is made possible by making targeted meta and title tags. Every page must have a title that will describe the page and not the entire website.

Third, since personalised search targets the end user you should redesign your website into a more usable website. This is to help users navigate your website with ease especially those without any technical knowledge.

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