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Page Speed and SEO

It was made clear that Google among other search engines would like to give the best user experience for every website visitor. This is why page loading speed was believed to have been included by search engines as a ranking factor. Page speed was considered as a ranking factor not for purposes of favoring certain websites but to actually help people gain the best user experience on a website by “forcing” website owners to increase their websites’ page loading time. In fact one of the obvious goals of search engines is to give their users a list of quality websites that are relevant to their search term queries.

What SEO Companies Can Do?

The question that may be lingering into your mind would be what SEO Companies or SEO Consultants should do in order to make a website load faster? The following are some tips on how you can reduce your websites’ loading time.

1. Optimise your Images – this does not necessarily mean that you have to use keywords on the alt attribute of your image, what it means is that you have to reduce the file size of your images in order to make it lighter for your website to load. Use Joint Photographic Experts Group format or JPEG as your image file type, Photographic Network Group or PNG format is also a good type of file format for a website. Do not use images that are of very high resolution, optimise your images for screens thus you can compress your image quality according to the JPEG compression format since you do not really need all those megapixels.

2. Ask your Host Server to Enable Keep Alive – by default hosting companies are turning the Keep Alive feature off, contact your host server to enable this feature since this will help you reduce latency request time, thus allowing you to load your website faster.

3. Compress Data using Gzip – Gzip compression helps in reducing the HTTP response size which in turn increases the ability of the of your site to load faster, since the response time is also reduced.

4. When Possible Use a CDN – CDN means content delivery network, what it does is that it contains your website data across different networks in order to efficiently deliver your website to your site visitors. The parameter for using delivering the content is the proximity of the location of a certain network to the user accessing your website.

Conclusion on Page Speed and SEO

Indeed technical part of search engine optimisation is now imperative because of the page speed requirement of the search engines. Thus, it is a good idea for SEO Companies and SEO Consultants to also audit their website speed in order determine how they could increase the websites’ page speed for better user experience.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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