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Posted on: July 10, 2009 6:56 am


News – Google Show Relevance Over Bing

Since the launching of the new Microsoft search engine named Bing the battle between Google and the Operating System giant has not stopped. Google being considered as the number 1 search engine world wide besting it’s rivals Yahoo and Microsoft in terms of internet users share. Microsoft hopes to end this winning streak by Google when it introduced its search engine Bing, unfortunately according to last months’ survey, although Google posted a slight decrease in the internet users share it still is leading by far from the contenders Yahoo and Bing. This makes everyone wonder why even with the reconstruction and development of Microsoft’s search engine it did not even show a significant blow on the search engine giant.

A survey research undertaken by the citigroup company has proven that using Google do have its advantages and benefits, after using and testing more than two hundred queries, with the aim of finding out which internet search engine service would yield the most relevant search results, it was found out that Google leads the other two contenders Yahoo and Bing. Google acquired seventy-one percent relevant hits whenever the queries were ran to the search engine while Bing only gathered 49 percent relevant hits and Yahoo got thirty percent relevant hits per query. This only proves that Google actually has its own strength and thus showing one of the reasons why it is still the number one search engine in terms of internet users share. On the positive side for Microsoft on specific areas on Health and Travel their search engine posted highest relevance results as compared to its two other competitors.

The research result shows the reasons why Google is the preferred choice of most internet users and it also validated Microsoft’s claims over the strengths of Bing.

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