New Tool to Save Your Site from Penguin

Ok well this is not a tool that would make your website Penguin-proof rather it is a tool that will help you if you were hit by the Google Penguin Algorithm. Recently, Google has released in their webmaster tool a new utility that will help webmasters recover from penguin. Although there are already some options made available like the reconsideration form the new tool was developed to help block links that are potentially harmful to your websites’ ranking. Just to refresh our memories the main function of the Google Penguin algorithm is to de-rank or suspend websites that are using black hat techniques to increase their link quantity where these links were taken or gathered from websites that are low in quality thus making the link also poor in quality. Further, Google has stated that one of their ranking factor is the Pagerank and because of this many people tend to manipulate page ranking by incorporating different black hat strategies like link buying and link scheming. These are the different linking strategies that are being penalised by the Google Penguin algorithm.

However, there are instances where you are focused only in doing white hat link building or SEO strategies but in the process have gotten links that are detrimental to your ranking than beneficial. You might also be a victim of negative SEO strategy which is being done by your competitor. In these instances of course it is not your fault that you have gotten negative links or low quality links but your site is being punished for it. To help webmasters who fall victims to this unfair competition strategies by some unscrupulous people Google has incorporated the Disavow tool in Google’s Webmasters Tool. Basically, the Disavow tool is for webmasters to tell Google about the different links that you want Google to disavow. These links will then be ignored by Google when the website is already recrawled and reindexed.

For webmasters that have fallen prey to negative SEO strategies hitting their websites the disavow tool is going to be very useful especially so that you can specify which links would be ignored by Google when your site is recrawled or reindexed. Care must of course be taken when using this tool since you do not want Google to block links that are of high quality and are actually helping in increasing your site rankings. Always keep an eye out for poor quality links and if the website owner does not want to remove such link pointing to your website the disavow tool will be your alternative solution.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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