New search engine analytics technology introduced to improve Webmaster tools offered by top search engines

There is now a new search engine that works for you! This technology may soon be coming to a major Search Engine. This technology is called Search Engine Optimisation Engine or commonly called as SEOENG®. This search engine is one of a kind and unlike other search engines that basically “searches”; it is used as a “window” into what the search engines see. This alone empowers the users with previously guarded information about their Website’s rankings. It’s what SEO companies are waiting for. Webmasters and SEO companies who are used in using search engine tools such as analytics will surely find this technology advantageous because of the amazing features. This includes the new and the first Transparent Search engine. This feature discloses highly secret Search Engine scoring algorithms to show precisely how and why a Search Engine ranks any Website, Webpage, and Link on the Internet. To those who are still new to this, there is an available video tutorial for the Search engine’s features.

The major Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! started this current website analysis trend by offering limited interactive portals for Webmasters to view a webmasters performance on the search engines. The common portals present tools that can track the visitors of your website, monitor and see which webpage are most popular among the users. With the technology of the Search Engine Optimization Engine, it offers complete transparency into the Search Engine’s Perspective. It makes you view your webpage what it looks like in a Search engine in accurate detail and how your link is scored. They made it see to the public because a search engine does not fail and they really don’t need to hide them from the public anymore.
With the introduction of this new technology to the public, they basically clean up the internet, wiping out millions and millions of Webpage garbage from their keyword search results and to eliminate useless SEO techniques and reduce spam filtering that search engines must do. With the algorithms clearly seen to the public, it does not necessarily offer the user the exact algorithm but shows the concept behind it. In view of this, it also helps us improve and develop our website and our search results and it lets you determine many problems that would take you a lot of time to diagnose.

This is now becoming a very useful tool and may become an unforeseen advantage to any Search Engines as it would help prevent “black hat” SEO tactics and alike to keep their search results relevant. Some SEO companies are wrongfully accused with this kind of tactic and would find themselves blacklisted from the search engines. The SEOENG® also offers a free website information and an online marketing guide and with this alone will change “search” as we know it.
SEOENG® significantly reduces the time spent implementing SEO Strategies for a Website. As many web page and links grow, the cost of SEO/SEM also grows exponentially. SEO companies will consider this as an invaluable asset in their SEO business.

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