Link Building Strategies the Penguin Hates

Many SEO companies and SEO Consultants have been talking about the new algorithm update by Google. Dubbed as Google Penguin, it targets websites that have been using web spam strategies in order to increase their rankings in the different search engines. According to Google, Penguin will detect and de-rank websites that are utilising such web spamming techniques. One of the highlights in Google’s Penguin algorithm update is the use of contents that are meaningless or gibberish, or those that are considered as poorly written as well as spinned content or articles. Many SEO companies and SEO consultants have discussed through forums the effects of such poor content and how to qualify or define what poor content means. However, that is not only the focus of Google’s Penguin algorithm, it also focuses on different link building strategies that are considered to be of low quality and are just used to manipulate the search engines.

Link Building Strategies Against Penguin

As what was stated above there are several link building strategies that are going to be targeted by the Google Penguin algorithm and these are such strategies:

1. Spam Comments – commenting on blog posts tend to create a backlink to your website, however, because of the viability of this strategy many have resorted to creating comments on automated mode. Automated comments however produce irrelevant and gibberish comments those that do not pertain to the topic at hand. Most of these types of comments utilises keywords in their names rather than the actual name of the person commenting.

2. Paid Links – during the latest algorithm updates of Google, paid links have already been regarded as a spamming technique. Paid links are considered as a web spam technique because of the fact that Google sees it as a strategy to manipulate page ranking instead of making the link as a “vote” to the website.

3. Bad Neighborhood links – these types of links are created by way of creating links from low quality sites especially those websites that are considered to be spammy and are known to be containing malwares.

4. Blog Networks – Google has now considered blog networks to be a link scheme strategy that is used to manipulate website rankings in the search engine. This is because of the fact that blog networks utilises contents that do not really give any considerable information, if any the contents are just gibberish, because of the fact that the contents are spinned from or taken from an original content. Since poorly written content is being targeted by the Google algorithm an incidental consequence to that is or course the de-ranking of the blog networks thus making their links to be of no value.


With the latest algorithm update from Google there is only one thing that every SEO Companies and SEO consultants can do and that is to create quality content and build quality links. It is important to always remember that every search engine’s goal is to return relevant results to its users therefore quality is essential not only in your link building strategies but most of all in the content of your website not only for the search engines but most of all for the visitors of your site looking for relevant information based on their keyword search.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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