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Posted on: May 27, 2010 12:49 pm


Increasing Website Loading Speed 2

With Google’s announcement that the search engine company will now include website speed as a ranking factor it may be a good time for SEO companies and SEO consultants to look at their clients’ website and determine whether or not such websites do have a desirable site loading speed. The following are some more ways on how you can increase your websites’ speed.

  1. Make sure that your websites’ web host can deliver a desirable site speed. You can determine this by asking your web host on the type of hosting options they have,  your web hosting plan may be having a limited bandwidth or speed so it may be time for you to upgrade your hosting plan. Also ask your web host about the backbone that they are using and their server hardware from those information you can research the speed capabilities of your webhost.
  2. If your website is using a dynamic database make sure that its database design and structure is optimised. Database performance can also be improved by caching database information.
  3. Use Cascading Style Sheet in designing your website, this is because of the fact that it makes you use lesser HTML tags. Further, if you use CSS positioning properties instead of tables you will be saving more than fifty percent in file size.
  4. Use external JavaScript and CSS, this move will contribute to the site loading speed by reducing the file size of the website, further such external CSS and JavaScript codes are usually cached by web browsers thus if the site is visited again there will be no need for the browser to download the CSS and JavaScript scripts again.
  5. Avoid formatting your website using white spaces, white spaces are additional HTML codes that may increase the formatting capabilities of the web designer but it adds to the file size of the HTML file.
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