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Increasing Keyword Visibility Through Siloing

A keyword is a very essential part of an SEO company’s SEO campaign. This is due to the fact that it is through keywords that Search engine users are searching for the websites that they are searching for, it is therefore imperative that a website’s chosen keyword should  rank high in a search engine results page ranking. The ultimate purpose of ranking high on the chosen keywords in the search engine’s SERP is to gain more traffic for possible conversion and revenue. Making a chosen keyword for a website to rank high in a search engine results page could be a very daunting task and many SEO companies find that sometimes their client website would rank best on the General Keyword terms but would rank poorly on specific search or keyword terms or vice versa. This type of problem could emanate from different sources or reasons but one of the most common reason on why this happens is the fact that there is a poor page to page linking as caused by indiscriminately linking one page to another. This process of indiscriminate linking will dilute the organisational theme of the website making it a lot more difficult for the chosen keywords to naturally rank in search engines.

To solve this problem top SEO experts are resorting to siloing. Siliong is a solution for problems arising from unfocused linking giving you the opportunity to achieve high search engine ranking for both the search specific and general keywords via themed vertical page linking. There are two type of Siloing, one is directory silo and the other the virtual silos. To start creating a directory silo you have to prepare a single directory where you will place like-content pages. The key here is to properly group contents which are closely related with each other and place them in a single directory. Categorising contents with other similar contents would increase efficiency in crawling the content pages.

For a virtual silo, the theme is developed through linking. The silo here is determined by the pages that the main silo links to, this can be achieved by creating a landing page or a main page and there are several pages that are linking to the said landing page or main page to support such landing page.

Following these two types of silo structures could help increase the crawling efficiency for search engine bots which would in turn help increase the visibility of your chosen keywords to the search engines.

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