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Implementation Of Search Engine Optimisation

Implementing a search engine optimisation campaign requires a lot of research and a lot of work. Contrary to what others know that implementing an SEO campaign is very easy the processes involved are actually involves some degree of difficulty. An SEO company and or an SEO consultants’ duty is not only to implement the search engine optimisation but also to conduct research, gather data and maintain the search engine results page ranking of the target website. With all these tasks that and SEO company or an SEO consultant must do it would be impossible for such SEO Company or SEO consultant to accomplish everything without getting help. Data gathering and research is one of the most tedious task in search engine optimisation because of the fact that one must keep track of the different data and one must always monitor the progress or the shifts in the rankings of the target website based on the keywords it is using.

Recognising the tediousness of the tasks at hand, many SEO companies and SEO consultants have banded with web developers and programmers in order to create SEO tools that would help them in their SEO research and data gathering. First tool that may come in handy when conducting research and data gathering for your SEO campaign is a keyword research tool, a keyword research tool is a web application that will determine the keyword effectiveness index of certain keywords, the KEI is computed by considering the number of searches done using such keyword and the number of websites using such keyword, a high KEI means a high probability that your website will be “visible” to the public through that keyword.

Another useful SEO tool is the ranking and page ranking tool, this web application will determine the current search engine result page ranking of your target website across all search engines which eliminates the need for you to manually search for your target website on different search engines and on different keywords.

With these SEO tools work in the data gathering and research department will be cut into half.

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