Identifying Poorly Written Content

With the recent announcement of Google regarding the update in its algorithm whereby it is increasing its ability to combat web spam there is a need for SEO companies and SEO consultants to start rethinking their article writing and link building strategies. One of the web spam strategy that was highlighted by Google, which will be hit by the updated algorithm, is the use of some websites of poorly written content or those contents that were just copied and spinned. According to Google in their latest news on the search engine algorithm update, they will be de-ranking websites that harbor contents that are poorly written, although Google have already done this through the Panda update the latest algorithm update is an improvement of the previous updates.

What is Spinned Content?

Spinned contents are that content that was reproduced by using a software which changes words with its synonyms. What most SEO agents using spinned content is to get an original content and run it through the spinning software. It utilises a predetermined set of vocabulary to which it gets its replacement words from the original. Spinning software do not have the ability to discern the context to which the word is used instead it would just replace the words according to its synonym disregarding the context.

Identifying Spinned Content

Identifying spinned content is the same as identifying a poorly written content, the need to identify such contents is imperative especially if contents are outsourced, the following are some ways on how you can identify poorly written or spinned content:

1. Content is Not Unique – since spinned contents are just copied contents from an original article there will be remnants of the article which will be tagged as copied. To detect whether the content is copied or not is by using anti-plagiarism software application like copyscape. This software could trace patterns of words used from websites having the same type of content.

2. Content is Gibberish – since spinning software cannot discern content context or meaning there is a higher possibility of reconstructing the article into something meaningless. Poorly written contents are also just that, it has not definite meaning and sentences might sound gibberish.

3. Incorrect Grammar – the incidence of incorrect grammar in an article is high to be considered as a poorly written content. It is important that articles are written according to correct grammatical structure following the chosen language the article is written with.

4. Improper use of Keywords – another indicator for a poorly written content is the excessive use of keywords in an article whereby the article would then be reduced to something that would be confusing and meaningless. When using the keywords it is important to utilise it according to context and not just incorporate it anywhere in the article.

Conclusion on Identifying Poorly Written Content

Google have increased the importance of content development as part of a high quality search engine optimisation campaign. It is therefore necessary to know for an SEO company or an SEO consultant the characteristics of a poorly written content or spinned content in order to avoid the use of such content in their website.

Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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