Posted by: Kerry Sheahan

Posted on: August 2, 2012 9:00 am


How to Set Up the Perfect Facebook Account

Facebook might not be steaming forward at quite the rate it was, but a report released this week has shown that the platform accounts for 52% of all content shared on social networking sites, a figure even more impressive when looked at in the context of the 4billion pieces of content which are shared every day in the social world. It is understandable then that more and more companies are eager to get involved within this avenue, but unfortunately many fall at the first hurdle.

Even if we don’t follow them, we are all aware of the importance of regular posting and interaction, but all of this could be redundant without the right platform. Before you even begin thinking about your first status update, make sure your profile is as optimised as possible.

• Choose the best layout. Facebook is fundamentally an online venue for social gathering and those using it want to be entertained so the general design of your Facebook profile couldn’t be more important. Ensure it is clear and concise and think about enlisting the help of a qualified web design team if this isn’t your area of expertise.

• Similarly, it is important to ensure the quality of all images included on your page. This should be top of your list of priorities if you are running an e-commerce site, but even if you aren’t, take the time to check that all your logos are sharp and clearly visible to make a good first impression.

• For those not running an e-commerce website, content is arguably the most important element of your profile page. Text on here can be added to or amended along the way, but it is important to make sure you have a sufficient amount of copy before you begin. Don’t be afraid to integrate your search terms here either as they let your audience know your page is relevant to their search, and it also helps your page to rank within the SERPs.

• Once your account is all but finished, it might be worth looking into the large number of apps available to personalise your page. Which ones you choose to install will depend upon the kind of business you run but one tool which is invaluable to many companies is the Shopping Cart. This tool allows your customers to make purchases without even leaving your page- helping to convert your efforts to engage and interact with your users into sales.

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry creates a variety of website copy, press releases and articles for both clients and in-house purposes on a regular basis and shares her tips and advice on drafting content for a range of purposes.