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How To Make Your Website Famous

Starting a website or online business is a very daunting task as it entails a lot of patience and some money. THe fact that you will have to start from scratch makes it an even more challenging task, when you start your online business you need someone to design the website for you or you are lucky if you have all the knowledge and skills in website design. After taking on the tedious task of website design you will have to deal with the promotion of your site. Your website will not be able to function or generate income if it is not popular or famous. Popularity for websites refers to the presence of your website URL over several avenues such as Search engines, social bookmarking sites, social media networks, directories and even on live RSS feeds. If you are ranked or if your URL or the link to your web page is on the first page of the Search engines’ SERP then your site is already considered as famous or popular, couple this with the fact that your URL is present on the other social networking media and thus creating a back link to your website makes your website even more popular and gives the possibility of ranking your website even higher for the search engines.

These are the ideal scenarios when you intend to work on your websites’ popularity which is the main aim of SEO or Search engine optimisation. Other than SEO of course the are other ways on how to promote your website one of which is the promotion of your website through social media networks. This is done by becoming a member on the social media network of your choice and then join the community forums and participate, make sure that you have a respectable reputation and not be considered as a spammer, this is done by answering forum answers accordingly and off-topic which is considered to be a spam which is a huge mistake to commit in SEO.

Second is to submit your website URL to directories, although directories don’t give as much contribution to your SERP submitting it otherwise will still augment your SEO campaign and most of all your websites’ popularity. The third would be the most common but expensive way of making your website popular and that is by advertising. Advertising your website will definitely give you a wider web presence, the most popular advertising media is the Google adwords which makes your website known throughout the web via advertisement.

These methods are just some SEO strategies that you can do in order to increase your websites’ popularity, you can employ any method you want but make sure the techniques that you employ are those so-called white hat techniques only otherwise you will be called a spammer and run the risk of your website being banned.

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