Posted by: Hannah

Posted on: October 25, 2012 1:27 pm


How to Keep Readers Returning to Your Blog.

Most people scan read websites for specific words, phrases and pictures that indicate what they are looking for. The majority of people do not read every single word of web content and this should be kept in mind when writing a blog. Reading from a screen which is brightly light and is full of bulky text is difficult, and studies have shown that reading from a computer screen is harder than traditional formats and therefore has a reading rate of 25% slower. Only 16% of people read web content word for word and the average person understands 60% of this.

In order to see if your blog site is scannable and easily read you should ask a person who is unfamiliar with your blog. Asking them to read in the same style that they usually would should highlight any areas that are difficult to read or hard to understand. If they fully understand and can explain the article then your blog post is scannable.

If any problems or misunderstandings occur there are some simple steps to follow in order to improve your blog post. These techniques include:

  • Writing appropriate text as lists. Bullets points, numbers and symbols can indicate important areas of copy and display it in an easy to read, concise format.
  • Formatting the text and space in your blog post is also a way to ensure the copy is comprehendible for your readers.
  • Clear headings and use of sub headings helps break text into sections and emphasize areas of importance.
  • Using images and infographics is a fun and unique way to show facts and details creatively.


Sticking to these simple tips is imperative in keeping your readers on your blog and encouraging them to make regular visits to check for new content and blog posts.