Posted by: Kerry Sheahan

Posted on: October 29, 2012 10:03 am


How to Increase Your Conversion Rates In Time for Christmas

It might seem a little early to be thinking about Father Christmas and figgy pudding, yet thousands of shoppers each year get started on their Christmas purchases as early as October. With so many online providers competing for each sale, it has never been more important to stand apart from your rivals. There is still time however, to make sure your e-commerce site achieves optimum conversion rates over the festive period.

  • Ensure your returns and exchanges policy is displayed as prominently as possible. This is especially important for those planning to extend this over the Christmas season. In the midst of difficult financial times, the reassurance of being able to easily return a gift can have a significantly positive impact on your conversions.


  • The same advice goes for delivery. It is just as key to your conversion rates to make sure your delivery policy is clearly visible. Offering free delivery is an excellent way of encouraging uncertain impulse buyers to part with their cash. It is also helpful to customers to include your last order date, especially as the day itself draws closer.


  • Create a special Christmas landing page. This themed paged can act as a centre for all your Christmas related products and content, and can help get shoppers in the festive spirit


  • It goes without saying, but it really is essential to make sure all webpages you create are accessible and follow good practice. In the run up to Christmas, it can be easy to focus on design and visual optimisation; however your efforts will be worthless if your site is not fully functional and easy to navigate.


  • Don’t forget to consider implementing a strong follow up marketing plan. Be sure to target those who bought from you over Christmas when it comes to your January sales. If you’ve followed the above tips then hopefully your customers will have enjoyed a pleasant shopping experience with you and be more than willing to return to your site.
Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

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