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How To Create Your First Google Adwords Product Listing Ad

In this tutorial you will learn how to create  your first Google Adwords Product Ad. A product listing ad is a completely different to way to promote your products next to the Google Adwords text ads on the top or on the right sidebar of Google search results. Product ad contains only the product information such as: product image, title, price, shop name and special promotion.

Product Listing Ad on the Top


Product Listing Ad on the Right Sidebar



Please note that product ads are available only in UK, US, Germany and France.

How to Start

1. Check Google Merchant Center. First of all you have to make sure that you have all of your product listed on Google Shopping, because Google product ads use the data from your Google Merchant Center feed to decide which products to display, because products ads are not using keywords.

2. Create Dedicated campaign. It is highly recommended to create seperate campaigns just for the product ads in order to manage budgets more effectively.

3. Enable Product Extension. Select the campaign you want to use for product listing ads and then enable “Product Extension” for that campaign. To learn how to enable product extension read my tutorial here.

4. Set Auto Targets. After you enabled the product extension, you have to set the “Auto Targets” for each ad group within the campaign. To enable the auto targets click on the “Auto Targets” tab, select the ad group, click on the button “Add Product targets”. You will see a screen giving you two options either “Add all products” or “Add a group of Products. …. “. The first option will use all of your products within the shopping feed and the second option will give you more control over the selection of products. You can target products using multiple product criteria such as:

  • product_type;
  • brand;
  • condition;
  • adwords_label;
  • adwords_grouping;

Click here to learn more about these attributes.

After the specifying product targets, you’ll have to validate the results and save the target.


5. Create “Product Listing Ads”.   To create product listing ads you have go the Ads control panel, then click on the  button “+New Ad” and select “Product listing Ad“.

Add the promotional text that will be displayed below the price and store name.




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