Posted by: Kerry Sheahan

Posted on: October 15, 2012 11:55 am


How to Create the Best Text Ads

Those in the online marketing profession will likely be inundated with advice on the web about how content is crucial for SEO. Whilst there is no denying the importance of high quality copy for boosting your natural search listings, content for PPC can sometimes become overlooked! Spending the necessary time to create text ads for paid search listings really can make a distinct difference to your campaign’s success. Here’s five ways to get the most from your text ads.

  • Look to your competitors. Before you begin creating your ad text, it is really important to check what your competitors are targeting for the same keyword. With this in mind you can get an idea of what ideas are the most successful. However, the most vital thing to remember here is not to simply replicate these but find your company’s most unique selling point and focus your ads around this.


  • Pay attention to your CTAs. Your CTAs, or calls to action should be short, snappy and designed to make an immediate impact on your customers. What you choose should depend on the nature of your keywords, however including a contact number, or encouraging people to receive a free quote are both effective methods.


  • Double check your SPG. Common grammatical errors or typos have a notoriously negative impact on your click through rate, especially given the short amount of space given to promote your company.  In order to make your ads appear neater and more prominently it would be a good idea to include a capital letter for the start of each word.



  • Experiment with the character alliance. With only 25 characters allowed for the heading and 35 for each line, it is important to make sure you make the most of this allocated space as possible. It is worth playing around with the order of the words as well as language to get as close to the word count as possible.
Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry creates a variety of website copy, press releases and articles for both clients and in-house purposes on a regular basis and shares her tips and advice on drafting content for a range of purposes.