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Posted on: June 21, 2012 11:04 am


How to create successful press releases

There is often a level of misconception surrounding the subject of press releases, with the marketing tool often dismissed as old-fashioned. However, traditional as this outlet may be, press release distribution can provide one of the most effective online promotional tools around when creating more visibility for your brand on the web- as long as it is done effectively! To ensure your press releases fulfil their potential and are relevant to today’s market, there are a number of considerations to take into account.

1. Take advantage of the facilities provided by modern press release distributors

Far from being outdated, this tool has been developed to allow users to include links, images and even videos into their texts. Many business owners simply aren’t aware of the possibilities on offer, but through taking advantage of these benefits and incorporating different media forms, you stand to improve your search engine exposure and gain valuable links to your site.

2. Create a catchy title

Your title is arguably one of the most important parts of your press release, but all too often receives too little attention. Whilst it would be valuable to your SEO campaign to include one of your keywords, it is more important to create something attention grabbing, with your company name included. Press releases are a great way to see your firm rank within Google News, but to encourage people to read further, you need an interesting, and preferably concise heading.

3. Choose your topic wisely

It can be difficult to think up regular topics for your press releases, but your topic doesn’t need to be revolutionary to be newsworthy. For example an SEO agency might write a press release about a new client acquisition. It can also be really effective to link your press releases to recent industry news, one way of making your content more engaging for readers.

4. Write objectively

Writing your release in third person narrative is essential for two main reasons. Firstly, you may find your piece gets rejected when written in the first person, and secondly because you don’t want to make it too obvious you are specifically targeting your audience in order to promote your services. Try and adapt a reasonably formal tone, whilst still appealing to your consumers. Not an easy task, but one that will develop with practice.

5. Select the right distributors

Writing an effective press release is only half the battle. To really get the most out of the marketing platform it is essential to choose the right press release distributor. Choosing one that pushes press releases title out to massive numbers of viewers is the key to success. A good example of this is PR web.

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry Sheahan

Kerry creates a variety of website copy, press releases and articles for both clients and in-house purposes on a regular basis and shares her tips and advice on drafting content for a range of purposes.