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How Research Can Help You Write Quality Content

Due to constantly changing Google algorithms, it is becoming vital for websites to generate original content, with carefully researched keywords, to hold onto high Google rankings. For any online business or blog this is an important factor to stay ahead of competitors and have your work or service noticed.

Research is an important factor in writing content and provides a backbone for your copy by backing it up with facts and figures. Research can give you a further understanding of your target audience and what is current in your industry.

  • By researching your target audience, you can begin to understand what is relevant to them and what they will be searching for. Therefore you’ll have a better understand of how to tailor your content to them and meet their needs as well as generating quality content which will draw people to the rest of your website.

    Try looking at rival websites and social media to explore what is being talked about, what is currently in demand and what draws in a large audience.

  • Google News is an excellent source of information and method of finding current subjects to tie into new content. If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas for content, you may be able to find a news story that relates to you or directly search for news stories on your chosen subject. From here you can gather information from news stories to tie into your content to provide facts for your content to run off.
  • Finding relevant statistics is a perfect way of backing up what you’re trying to say and gives you a better understanding of the topic. Statistics put what you’re trying to say in perspective and provide bites of information that can be picked up along the text by the reader.

By providing a higher amount of original and quality content you encourage browsing within your site and could decrease your bounce rate. By engaging the reader you can encourage them to discover other areas of your website and look into what you can offer them.

Stacey Cosens

Stacey Cosens


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