Google’s Dreaded Pets – Panda and Penguin

Ok well, Google does not really genetically breed dreadful panda and penguins, in the real world a Panda and a Penguin is seen as cute and lovable animals, in the world of search however these are the synonymous to apocalypse animals for those trying to manipulate the search engine results page of Google at least. For many SEO Companies and SEO consultants they have of course have heard about what the Google Panda and the Google Penguin doing search engine optimisation themselves, this article is to help you understand more about what these two algorithms are about and what they aren’t.

The Google Panda Algorithm

The Google Panda algorithm was released ­early 2011 and its focus is to combat sites that utilises poor or low quality content, for the purpose of making it easy to locate high quality sites in the Google Search Engine Results page. According to Google the Panda Algorithm locates or detects and eliminates from the search engine results page websites that has the following qualities:

1. Thinly Written Content – a thinly written content means those that do not offer any value to its readers , moreover it has gibberish meaning or the article does not really have a cohesive content or context. Mostly these types of content are those that were spinned or ran through spinner software which results to such gibberish output.

2. Content Farming – there were some services that provide content from different sources and are placed in a specific site, mostly this is a plugin software integrated in the website that scrapes content from other websites and posts it in the scraper site. This gives such websites automatic content but of course such are just copied content. Duplicate contents is always frowned upon by search engines and writers with Panda Google hopes to eliminate such sites using scraped content or copied content in their website.

3. Huge Bounce Rate – to track legitimate visitors to your website bounce rate feature was integrated in Google’s analytics and into its search algorithm. Bounce rates is determined if the visitor has stayed in a website for a fraction of the required time. The higher the bounce rate means that the site is not being actually visited and it may even be an indication that only bots are visiting the site and not actual visitors.

The Google Penguin Algorithm

In early 2012 Google released the Penguin algorithm, the fact that Google Panda has undergone several updates about 13 to be exact, Google proves that it is not done yet. The Penguin is obviously a different animal and thus it functions differently from Panda. The penguin has these following functions:

1. Identify and Target Websites with Low Quality Links – link building is another of SEO’s cornerstone, but because of the desire to build lots of links in such a little amount of time many have resorted to developing strategies just to do that which sadly resulted to poor quality of links. Poor quality means that the site links are irrelevant or are coming from bad neighborhood sites.

2. Anchor Text that are Over Optimised – using anchor texts for your links is preferred however if it is over used like when you have it used to more than one thousand links or so and it is even linked from sites that are not relevant to your target website then it is going to be tagged by Penguin.

3. Over Stuffing Content With Keywords – this is not a new penalty by Google it is however enforced more in the Google Penguin algorithm. This time websites using or over using their keywords in their content and in their links will be strictly tracked by Google.

SEO Companies and SEO Consultants Should Do

For SEO companies and SEO consultants they have to understand that although these two algorithms outlined what they hate, it also gives us the idea on what the opposite is. For the Google Panda it is important that you write contents that are useful and something that is needed by your  audience, furthermore Panda would love it if your content is well written using correct grammar and spellings, this is why content writers who have the skills to develop such content is an integral part of an SEO team. For the Penguin algorithm natural link building methods are important, it means that you do not have to build thousands of links that are low quality rather build few high quality links through guest postings, press releases and article directories using quality content too of course.



Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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