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Google Wins Case Against Oracle

So the case between Google and Oracle has reached its culmination. For several months a lot of SEO Companies and SEO consultants as well as other interested companies and personalities have been following Google’s case with Oracle and the case has finally reached it end as the jury handed down their verdict in the said case. For those who have not been following the case between these two Silicon Valley giants the question that you might be asking is what is the case all about?

How The Case of Google Began?

As you all know Google has developed the Android operating system for mobile applications and have been developing its upgrades since then. In 2010 Sun Microsystems, the developers of Java, was acquired by Oracle in a $7.3 Billion deal. Since Google was building their Android system around Java, Oracle accused the search engine giant that they are infringing or violating the terms and conditions in the copyrighted and patented Java programming language. For the copyright allegations Oracle accused Google on infringing the API of Java and in its second phase Oracle accused Google on violating the Java patents.

What is the Decision?

On the first phase of the complaint by Oracle, the jury found that Google is guilty of infringing nine lines in the Java Code and the penalty set to that infringement is payment of about $150,000. On the second allegation regarding the violation of Android in the Java patents the jury found Google, not guilty and that no violation was made by Google.

What Happens Next?

In a press conference by Google they stated that this is not just a victory for Google but for the entire ecosystem of Android. With regards to Oracle it is still unclear whether or not they would be filing an appeal. For Google it doesn’t end there because the search engine giant has filed for a mistrial regarding the jury’s ruling on the API, in their argument Google contends that there is no infringement done if the fair use question is left unanswered.

Conclusion on Google’s Win over Oracle

This is indeed a victory for Google however there are several more questions that should be answered, whether or not Google will be granted in their petition for a mistrial and whether Oracle will appeal the decision of the jury. Whatever happens, for now Google has won this round but Oracle still has some options left. One thing is for sure Google is not only the target for search engine optimisation but also for mobile applications.

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