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Posted on: March 29, 2009 5:49 pm


Google Release Blog Search Algorithm

Google has announced that they have updated their blog search algorithm where it’s main purpose is to reduce returning results that came from blogrolling. What is blogrolling you may ask? It is a process of listing links in your blog that are related to your own blog. It is like a promotion of blogs that has similar or related topics with your own blog. For an SEO company blogrolling is a traffic booster but if unchecked this might result in misleading your blog readers. It is within the ambit of the blog etiquette to first read and check the blogs before listing it in your related topics link.

So what is the adverse effect of blogrolling to google search results that they had to update their blog search algorithm? Well, take for example a blog that linked an SEO company blog or an SEO tutorial blog in a blogroll. Where in this blog, daily updates or weblogs are published even though such blog contents are nowhere related to the list name of SEO Company or SEO tutorial or the two lists were not even mentioned in the blog. From here Google will still return the blog post as a match for the very reason that SEO Company and SEO tutorial are in the blogroll and thus Google will interpret it as a part of the blog content. This may in turn cause the searcher to reach a dead end, empty blog content or a blog content that has entirely no connection with the blog-of-interest.

The update blog search algorithm aims to clean-up the Google Blog Search Results and that blog searches will only return relevant results. A very helpful change indeed for those who want to keep track of their brand and for those who are really after relevance in their search. Google has not yet perfected this algorithm and admits that there are still minor tweaks to be done but this update is being welcomed by the web community.

Let’s just wait and see for the final update on this algorithm.

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