Google Penguin Update Confirmed

Many have been affected when the Google Panda was implemented by the search engine giant. It is no wonder that when Google announced that they will again incorporate a new algorithm to their existing one they many SEO companies and SEO consultants have again been saying “the sky is falling!”. This reaction is brought about by the fact that Google Panda did a lot of damage to the rankings of around 12 percent of websites including those websites that are known to have well established rankings and brand names. The Google panda created a lot of problems as well as loss in revenue for those affected websites. This is why when Google announced another algorithm update dubbed as Penguin a lot SEO companies and SEO consultants waited for its effects and have done several measures to prevent damage to their rankings.

What Did the Penguin Do?

The Google penguin attacked website which utilised different web spam techniques, and upon its implementation there were about 3.1 percent of the total websites worldwide that were affected which means that their rank went down while others got suspended. Penguin specifically targets the different websites using different web spam methods. Those backlinking schemes that are regarded as being used to manipulate the search engine results page ranking.

When Was the Update?

Google, through Matt Cutts announced via Twitter made their announcement that Google penguin was updated to Google Penguin 1.1. This made Google dispel any allegations that Google penguin has had several updates. Rather the update was done last May 25, 2012.

Why Did SEO Companies Assume Several Penguin Updates?

The question now is that why several SEO companies and SEO consultants would have announced that there were several penguin updates? This is because of the fact that there were constant changes in rankings throughout the week after the implementation of the Google Penguin. According to Google these changes are not brought about by several updates but rather this is caused by the gradual effect of Google Penguin.


Google Panda is focused on targeting poor contents while the penguin is targeting web spam techniques whatever the reasons are SEO companies and SEO consultants must always take into consideration quality over quantity and not be mindful on how to manipulate rankings when implementing your search engine optimisation campaigns.


Ben Austin

Ben Austin

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